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Hello and welcome to my Blog! I love writing about my life raising Ana with beauty and love, but I also love reviewing and giving away great things. I especially love healthy products, toys, clothing and fun stuff for Ana. As a former NYCer and a city girl who moved back to the country, life is pretty peaceful and fun, with a lot of beauty mixed in.

Would you like to host a giveaway or have me review an item from your company ?? Here is some info on how to get started. You can reach me at my email: Everything For Ana email or directly at my cell: 646-245-3977.

Reviews/Giveaways :

 I love reviewing products and will give a thoughtful, honest and well-written review.   I have a responsibility to the companies and individuals with whom I do business as well as my readers. 

 There is no charge for Everything For Ana to host a review or giveaway. The only cost is the value of the item(s) you choose to have reviewed by and/or any products you choose to giveaway during your promotion. 
Sponsoring a Giveaway:

Giveaways are the most commonly used promotional tool.  After receiving and reviewing your product(s),I will post the review and offer readers an opportunity to win the product(s) you have offered as a giveaway.  I offer numerous bonus entries into giveaways, such as following your company on Twitter/Facebook, Tweeting about the giveaway, etc.  This is an excellent marketing method with very little cost to you; you only pay for the product(s) provided for the review and giveaway, as well as shipping costs. Or if you choose I can sponsor a giveaway without a review attached, just let me know!

Or you can Sponsor a Review:

  You send product(s) for review and I write about my experience. This introduces my readers to your company and product line and gives them an opportunity to learn about the benefits of your products.

I have received very positive feedback from the companies I have worked with.  I will communicate with you every step of the way and I am always available to answer questions, address concerns, resolve problems, and handle requests. Here is a link to my tomoson profile with reviews from happy sponsors: Zoe Lee on Tomoson

When posting reviews/giveaways, I am happy to utilize your pictures, links, social networking information, etc.  Just let me know and I can certainly make it special/

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you, Please see the links below for some of my favorite reviews: 

If you are looking for me to sponsor a post, then please contact me at my email: Everything For Ana Email

 Sponsored Posts:

I use Blog Rates  as a guide. Sponsored posts start at $25 for a basic post with photos and links.