Working Out & Staying Healthy

 Here is my story, how I put the weight ON and took it OFF:

May 2013
June 2013

 July 2013
Winter 2013/2014

Revolt Redux
Week 1 Check In
Update on Revolt

A year later: Results!!May 2014
A year later!
Joe Cross Juice Cleanse take 1

Mommy Meltdown Program to Lose Weight and Eat Healthy June 2012-August 2012

  1. Before Photos! 
  2. The Journey of Mommy Meltdown...
  3. Workout 1
  4. Daily Diet
  5. Workout 2
  6. Workout 3
  7. First Weigh In and Workout 4
  8. Daily Diet Thursday
  9. Daily Diet Friday and Sat.
  10. Daily Diet Sunday and Monday /Salmon Recipe
  11. Daily Diet Tuesday
  12. 2nd Weigh in , Workout 7 
  13. Workouts 8 and 9  
  14. Workout 10, Daily Diet : Sunday 
  15.  Workout 11, Daily Diet
  16. Daily Diet Thursday and adding the gym 
  17. Mommy meltdown challenges and catching up 
  18. Mommy Meltdown Daily Diet and the scale is crazy! 
  19. Who needs milk anyway: update and daily diet 
  20.  Tiny Setback and Daily diet
  21. Mommy Meltdown Meeting my Goal and then some  
  22. Mommy Meltdown Checking in at the end of July  
  23. August/September
  24.  Mommy Meltdown Detox from Delta Labs
  25.  Mommy Meltdown : The Conclusion
  26. Makeover Month for Mama 

Rev Abs -A great program from Beach body products

This post starts from the bottom on up, since this was from my first blog: Project Zoe

  1. Testimonial for Rev Abs Part 2 
  2. Testimonial for Rev Abs Part 1 
  3. Photos of Abs and 2 lbs below Goal Weight!
  4. Rev Abs Clothing Swap
  5. 3 Lbs to Goal. 
  6. Health Food Stores and a Cleanse
  7. Making it through Thanksgiving 
  8.  The home stretch....
  9.  A new month, a new motto!
  10.  It is officially 25 lbs!!
  11.  Ah Monday, back to the gym!!!
  12.  Home in the Rain...
  13.  I am aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive....
  14.  Trying to stick with it, and stay healthy.
  15.  Almost halfway through the program....
  16. Goodbye 140s... 
  17.  I made it to 20!!!! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOO
  18.  Dairy and Berries and Quinoa, oh my!!
  19.  Saturday and Sunday flew by....
  20.  Unofficial Weigh-In today...
  21.  Getting into the rhythm of it now...
  22.  My worst weight fear...
  23.  Sunday Morning Check In...
  24. Sat night is alright for dancing? 
  25.  Aching Muscles and newfound lust for milk products?
  26. Checking in night of day 3 
  27. First Day of Rev Abs with Brett Hoebel 
  28. The Photo Shoot for Rev Abs 
  29.  Checking in Before the "Before" Shoot for Rev Abs
  30. Purging the Junk Food 
  31. Starting the Journey to Weightloss and Good Health 


sunflowerally22 said...

This post is so me! I wish I could follow this plan to the T but of course I cannot! Its hilarious that you wrote this I love it!!!

Mamavalveeta03 said...

I'm IMPRESSED that you did that between June and August. Has it been tough during the Holidays keeping it off and eating healthy?

Fee Roberts said...

Wow! I love the before and after pics. Amazing =D

Krazy Kat Freebies said...

I like to ride my bicycle for exercise. Sometimes people say I'm crazy when they see me riding miles from town. If I decide to go for a decent ride I usually ride 10-15 miles!

shana said...

I need to get about 30 lbs off. Injury's are making progress too slow, but portion control is helping.

Filam said...

Looking great, Zoe!

Unknown said...

Congratulations on the weight loss! I was inspired- I gave you a little shout out in my latest post :)