Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Poland Spring Sparkling Water : Refreshing and delicious for #7daysofsparkling


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   Thanks to Smiley360 and their amazing blogger program, I was sent coupons to try out the product mentioned below. All opinions within are my own. I was not paid for this review.

  For the past few summers, we have kept our pool closed and joined a local lake to cool off. Ana takes  her swimming lessons there, and we have a summer pass to while away the day outside in a beautiful place.  Unless it is heavily raining or very cold, we are there! This past summer was no exception, even though it was a hot, hot summer.  We pack up the car with all of the essentials including snacks and a lot of water to stay hydrated.  I was super excited to be offered the opportunity to review Poland Spring's new sparkling natural spring water to help us stay hydrated and quench our thirst. I am a big fan of sparkling water and seltzer, with no sugar added and this did not disappoint. Our local grocery store had two flavors to try: Lemon and Raspberry Lime.  

 It was a hot and humid day and packing these cool shaped and sized bottles into my cooler was super easy. They fit perfectly and stayed cold next to my ice packs.  Mid day I decided to try the Raspberry Lime and it was delightful. Icy cold, bubbly and delicious. The perfect size to hold in my hand while chasing after a toddler and a six year old at the beach. The flavor was not overwhelming and the bubbles were just right. So refreshing and perfect for that hot, hot day.  In case you did not know, Poland Springs Natural waters do not have calories, sugar or sweetner!! They source their water from Maine, to have the best tasting product. You can find out all about their sourcing here: 
Poland Spring Sourcing  I really like that they let you know where the sparkling water comes from. That makes me feel good about sharing with my children.   Ana liked the lemon best. But we are both waiting for our local shops to carry some of the other yummy tasting flavors including: Mandarin Orange, Lime and Black Cherry.  Yum! Check out the site at the link below to find out where they are located near you.  

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