Friday, December 4, 2015

Airheads and Michaels get colorful and crafty! #Smiley360 #AirheadsCrafts

Hello Dear Readers:

  I am a member of the Smiley360 Blogger Group and a part of  which  provided me with an amazing array of candy from Airheads and a Michael's giftcard to buy supplies. I received this product for free from Smiley360 in exchange for my honest review. You can join Smiley360 here!

Ana and I received a lovely box of goodies from Smiley 360 containing:

  • 15 mixed variety of Airheads
  • 2 bags of Airheads bites
  • 1 bag of Airheads Xtremes
  • 2 crafting tools
  • 4 lollipop sticks
  • $25 gift card to Michaels craft store
  We love spending some quality time traipsing through Michaels and picking out crafts to make together for fun or presents, so Ana was super excited to pick out some decorative items to help make our Airheads crafts super special.  First we chose edible pens and flowers. Then we chose some cute heart cutouts. Ana loved walking up and down the aisles looking for extras that could decorate the cloud bracelet she chose to make as well as the other fun creatives like the snowman with scarf. It was so super cute.  We had a blast. Great quality time with a fun kindergartener. And the baby watched. 

 We had some time to sit down this week and create. At first we used the website here for ideas:  Airheads Craft Ideas  and then Ana stated molding things on her own. 

She made a bird's nest, a flower pot and other cute bendy things that were colorful and fun. Along the way, she used the leftovers as a snack ("a few pieces fell into my mouth Mama", she said). She had to try all of the different flavors, and especially loved the mystery flavor. I still do not know what it was, though she said it tasted like vanilla. I will have to trust her on that one. 

Working with Airheads was fun, easy and delicious and Ana had a great time being creative and silly. I loved that it kept her entertained and did not make a huge mess. I.e NO glitter.   

Check out the photos below for inspiration. There are so many fun and colorful crafts!!

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