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Tori Amos Rerelease Little Earthquakes and Under the Pink double album Review and Giveaway!!

  Anyone who knows me knows what a huge Tori Amos fan I am. Ever since Litle Earthquakes was released in 1992, I have attended concerts, dyed my hair redder and memorized each song that Tori has written. At one point, I would definitely have been described as an uber fan!

   In college (I went to music school for musical theatre), I even performed a Tori Amos set for Parent's Weekend with a wonderful pianist.  I love her first two albums the best, so I jumped at the chance to review the rerelease Little Earthquakes and Under the Pink remastered!  They are amazing. Crisp, clear sound and the same amazing lyrics and beautiful piano driven songs you can expect from Tori.  

Once I received copies for myself, they went straight into the car (one of the only places I still have a cd player!) and I played them for Ana. I explained that Tori is one of my favorite singer/songwriters and she was quiet and thoughtful as she listened. I think she likes her too! A lot of Tori's lyrics are a bit sophisticated for a 4 year old's ear, but I think as she grows up I will be able to pass on my love of Tori to my sweet girl! 

  Rhino Records releases these remastered versions of the albums TODAY and you can hear them here on youtube in full stream:

Little Earthquakes: http://youtu.be/2CdWEHjaL30 


Under The Pink: http://youtu.be/IfKuZwE-PHQ 

And you can win your own copy of one of the albums (2 winners!!!) by entering in the Rafflecopter below!!!!

Info on the re-releases from Rhino Records:

"On  April 14, Rhino Records is releasing remastered versions of Tori Amos' first two albums: Little Earthquakes (1992) and Under The Pink (1994).  Each will be available to purchase as 2xCD sets with bonus discs including B-side, rarities and live tracks, and also on vinyl (for the first time ever in the U.S.)

Little Earthquakes & Under The Pink (2-CD Deluxe Editions & 180-gram vinyl)

One of the most successful and influential artists of her generation, Tori Amos is as much a force to be reckoned with today as when she released her first solo album Little Earthquakes over 2 decades ago. Eschewing the trends of the time, the prodigious chanteuse touched millions deeply with her arresting melodies, riveting stage presence and personal & honest lyrics. Amos is releasing 2-CD deluxe editions of her debut and sophomore solo albumsLittle Earthquakes and Under The Pink, each newly re-mastered and paired with an entire disc of rare b-sides and bonus tracks.
 In the original assembly of Little Earthquakes, difficult choices had to be made to ensure the album’s balance and flow. Fortunately, songs that didn’t make the record itself were able to see the light of day as a copious stream of single b-sides released in the US and UK for both Little Earthquakes and Under The Pink. Often these tracks were intertwined with album cuts, for example “Pretty Good Year” becomes an extension of “Ode To The Banana King (Part One)” which itself was b-side to “Silent All These Years”. They also showcased Amos’ innate ability to reinvent popular songs, perhaps the most notable being Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” a masterpiece study in understatement.
Now, these rarities and live versions will be available worldwide on April 14 from Rhino. The remastered versions of both original albums will also be released on 180-gram vinyl on the same date, marking the first time both albums will be available on vinyl in the US.
Originally released in 1992 and 1994 respectively, the songs of Little Earthquakes and Under The Pink continue to live and thrive to this day. As Amos tells it, “Little Earthquakes was an acknowledgement of things that I hadn’t looked at in 15 years, in some cases… After you acknowledge something, you tell everybody, and other people say, ‘I know what that’s like, too.’ There’s this energy charge you get, and liberation from doing that.” She continues to find that the audience response to “Silent All These Years” remains deep and immediate nearly a quarter century later, counting it as her most requested song and one that walks with her every day. It will continue to do so as long as she is playing music."
 Here is what is on the double cds:

Little Earthquakes (1992) Disc 1: Original Album
1. “Crucify” 
2. “Girl”
3. “Silent All These Years” 
4. “Precious Things” 
5. “Winter”
6. “Happy Phantom”
7. “China”
8. “Leather”
9. “Mother”
10. “Tear In Your Hand”
11. “Me And A Gun”
12. “Little Earthquakes”
Bonus Disc 2

1. “Upside Down” (from Silent All These Years single) 
2. “Thoughts” (from Silent All These Years single) 
3. “Ode to The Banana King (Part One)” (from Silent All These Years single) 
4. “Song for Eric” (from Silent All These Years single) 
5. “The Pool” (from Winter single) 
6. “Take To The Sky” (from Winter single) 
7. “Sweet Dreams” (from Winter single) 
8. “Mary” (from Crucify single) 
9. “Sugar” (from China single) 
10. “Flying Dutchman” (from China single) 
11. “Humpty Dumpty” (from China single) 
12. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” (from Winter single) 
13. “Little Earthquakes” (Live in Cambridge – Apr 5, 1992) (from Crucify single) 
14. “Crucify” (Live in Cambridge – Apr 5, 1992) (from Crucify single) 
15. “Precious Things” (Live in Cambridge – Apr 5, 1992) (from Crucify single)
16. “Mother” (Live in Cambridge – Apr 5, 1992) (from Crucify single) 
17. “Happy Phantom” (Live) (from Silent All These Years single) 
18. “Here In My Head” (from Crucify single)

Under The Pink (1994) Disc 1: Original Album
1. “Pretty Good Year”
2. “God” 
3. “Bells For Her” 
4. “Past The Mission” 
5. “Baker Baker” 
6. “The Wrong Band” 
7. “The Waitress”
8. “Cornflake Girl”
9. “Icicle” 
10. “Cloud On My Tongue” 
11. “Space Dog” 
12. “Yes, Anastasia”
Bonus Disc 2
1. “Sister Janet” [from Cornflake Girl single] 
2. “Honey” [from Cornflake Girl single] 
3. “Daisy Dead Petals” [from Cornflake Girl single] 
4. “Over It” [from Cornflake Girl single] 
5. “Black Swan” [from Pretty Good Year single] 
6. “Home On the Range” (with Cherokee Addition) [from Pretty Good Year single] 
7. “All The Girls Hate Her” [from Cornflake Girl single] 
8. “God” (The CJ Bollard Remix) [from God 12”] 
9. “Here in My Head” [live] [from Past the Mission single] 
10. “Upside Down” [live] [from Past the Mission single] 
11. “Past the Mission” [live] [from Past the Mission single] 
12. “Icicle” [live] [from Past the Mission single] 
13. “Flying Dutchman” [live] [from Past the Mission single] 
14. “Winter” [live] [from Past the Mission single] 
15. “The Waitress” [live] [from Past the Mission single]


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Silent All These Years

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Unrepentant Geraldines!!!

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My favorite Tori Amos song is Cornflake Girl

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so hard to pick just one...but right now really loving Tear in Your Hand

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My favorite Tori Amos song is Spark.
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