Monday, March 30, 2015

A wonderful spring-y visit to the Osh Kosh B'gosh Store with Ana #ImagineSpring #IC #sponsored

My beautiful Ana in her new Osh Kosh rhinestone sweater, striped tee, blue sparkly shoes and matching headband.
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Finally, finally after a really long, cold winter, flowers are starting to bud in our yard, the sun is shining down, birds are tweeting and Ana is ready to play. First, she needed to get some new clothes for spring and school. So we took a much needed road trip to the amazing Osh Kosh store at Woodbury Commons and could not believe the plentiful amount of deals and specials in the store. Everywhere we looked, Ana oohed and ahhed over sparkly cardigans, cute printed bathing suits with matching flip flops, bright summer dresses and matching accessories. I love bright colors for spring but we veered towards all the cute navy and nautical section first. Ana chose a beautiful rhinestone cardigan with a striped tee and matching headband with sparkly shoes.She wandered around the whole store from cute outfit to cute item, choosing what she liked and trying them on in the dressing room. She was so happy and having fun and the salesgirls were helpful and delightful to work with. 

         These pieces were such great foundation pieces for her spring wardrobe and into the school year for kindergarten. We went up one size, so the clothes will last! As Ana roamed the store we ended up piling more than a few sweatshirts, tees, skirts, dresses, accessories and bathing items. Osh Kosh has it all!! And everything matched or complemented each other. Fabulous! 

        A big pile to try what did she choose?? Not only were her choices perfect for Easter parties, spring break fun and back to school outfits, they were complemented by the cute accessories that she chose! Check out these shoes:

        So stylish and chic for a 4 year old , no??? She has impeccable taste, ahem :) And because she is so tiny, she can wear anything and everything and look wonderful! She has the best skin, hair and cute face for Osh Kosh. She could be a model for them! Osh Kosh is so much more than denim. They have beautiful, stylish clothes for all sizes of kids and babies. My fave sophisticated choice of hers:

I seriously want this in my size. I wish we could share. This made the yes pile for spring parties and fun!! 

Also  check out her new bikini and matching flipflops:

         It will be hot enough for lake time, beach days and pool parties soon, and my stylish pre-schooler will be all ready for summer fun too!!
       And the love sweatshirt made the yes pile for cool spring nights!

        Right now Osh Kosh has the best prices. They have incredible sales and coupons, promotions and fun in their stores. Check out the link below to print out your own coupon for 25% off your purchase of $30 or more.  And I went back to the store to buy more and a lot of items were 50% off. Win/win and go NOW!!!

Coupon Link:  

Some of our fave pieces on the site:

We love the jean jacket and white espadrilles and will be going back for more and her summer wardrobe. Thanks Osh Kosh!!

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