Sunday, January 11, 2015

Happy New Year from a very Pregnant/Grumpy/Cold Lady!!! And the Lees!!

  Happy Holidays/New Year from the Lees! Yes, I know it is already the 11th, but I have been grumpy, pregnant, running around with doctor's appointments, parties, social engagements, school events etc..and the blog had to wait! I will be back full force towards the spring with the nursery makeover, binge shopping trips for Baby lee, and lots of fun stuff. For now, I am getting ready for a beach vacation, some rest and relaxation and preparing for the second half of my second trimester of pregnancy. 18 weeks already@!! Woohooooo....

    I have a new laptop (thanks hubby), Hubby has a new fitness/nutrition blog (wait until you see his before and afters) and so I have to search for all of my media/photos etc. When I get back from vacation I will be hosting a wheat belly dinner/party and cannot wait to get started on more healthy recipes for the winter and spring. Stay healthy and stay warm.  

                                                                                                  Zoe and the Lees 

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