Friday, November 21, 2014

11 weeks in ...Baby Lee is the size of a FIG #pregnant

    Baby Lee is 11 Weeks and is the size of a FIG.    

Hello Dear Readers:

   As the first trimester winds down, I was hoping to feel better morning sickness-wise. I wish I could say it is the case, but alas I am still sick all day long, and have little to no energy. I was hoping to go back to the gym regularly at this point, but since I never know how naseous I am going to feel, it does not seem to be in my best interest.  There is always next week, but I am feeling sad about missing my Pilates and running and am feeling extra flabby. Pretty much the opposite of sexy, whatever that is. Blech.

Baby Lee is 11 1/2 weeks old and is the size of a fig, I am still really sick and have a lack of energy. There is no glamour in pregnancy and I am feeling pretty pudgy.

131 lbs. I have lost two pounds since becoming pregnant. This makes me sad too, although I know it is quite normal and happens all of the time. I am still in my sz 6s, and 28 jeans...but I feel bloated so I may move up to some 29s (which I bought at Forever 21 when i was losing weight a couple of years ago). I am not quite ready for maternity clothes. Maybe at 13 weeks.

Hoping to pop soon, so I do not look just bloaty, but actually pregnant :)

Have a great weekend,

Mama Lee

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