Thursday, October 30, 2014

Review: Naturalico Firming Celluite Cream

Dear Readers:

 I received a jar of Naturalico Firming Cellulite Cream, and have been using it to avoid cellulite on my legs and other places while my skin stretches and is taken over by this little babe growing inside me. So far, it is working well and I have not seen a single stretch mark or sign of cellulite. Woohooo...hoping I can keep it at bay for as long as possible.

Important Info:

  • 6 Active Anti-Cellulite powerhouse ingredients work together to smooth those lumpy bumpy cottage cheese thighs and firm that jiggly butt.
  • Reduces the Appearance of Cellulite. Soothes the skin and helps it recover. MADE IN USA
  • We are one of the products on the market that have the most Retinol & Caffeine. Get Rid of Cellulite - Best Skincare Treatment Body Cream for Skin Firming and Cellulite Reduction - Soothes The Skin & Overall Appearance of Skin is more Improved, Toned & Restored
  • Overall appearance of skin is improved, toned & restored. Skin becomes smoother & firmer - Clinically Proven To Eliminate Cellulite - Give You The Results You've Been Looking For
  • Caffeine encourages the body to burn fatty tissue * Retinol enhances collagen production, encourages skin renewal and helps tighten and firm the skin. * L-Carnitine helps the body metabolize fat * Green Tea stimulates the release of stored fat * Glaucine which is Responsible For Decreasing Fat Deposits * Coenzyme-A breaks down fat and helps restore connective tissueActive Ingredient Glaucine and Caffeine which Contains Theophylline Helps Successfully Treat Cellulite and Decrease Cellulite Fat Deposits and Stretch Marks

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Review: Spirulina Powder from Sari Foods #OrganicSpirulina

Dear Readers:
I received an amazing sized bag of this delicious and healthy Sari Foods Spirulina for this review. Shortly after it arrived, I realized I was pregnant and have had terrible morning sickness, so Duncan is now my short term supplement and food tester and taster. He told me that this Spirulina is clean and tasty and super high quality and who am I to argue. I have had Spirulina on my superfood list for along time. It is amazing and full of great stuff.

From the site:

"Spirulina is a 100% Whole Food
Based source of more than 
100 nutrients, including:

Protein: Not only does Spirulina contain more protein content than any other food source, it is biologically complete, containing all of the essential amino acids needed for human health. Did you know that Spirulina is also the most planet friendly source of protein? It yields 20% more than soybeans with 25% of the water usage and is 5 times more energy efficient! We won’t even begin to discuss the comparisons with beef and other animal sources.
Calcium: Yes, more than 26 times the calcium in whole milk!
Essential Amino Acids (Gamma-Linolenic Acid - GLA; Omega 3, 6, 9's): Fish oil? Ha. Where do you think they get their omega content? Blue-green algae like Spirulina, of course. Let me introduce you to the original source of Omega 3, 6 and 9’s. Omegas are essential in preventing heart disease, reducing bad cholesterol & lowering blood pressure. They also play a key role in reducing arthritis, osteoporosis, depression and diabetes.
Iron: With an extremely high concentration of bio-available iron (2300% more than spinach!), this green algae is an excellent during pregnancy and for those with anemia. Also, it will not cause constipation. That’s good news!
Beta-Carotene: Spirulina has 3900% more beta carotene than carrots! The body converts it to Vitamin A, an essential nutrient needed for healthy teeth, bones, mucous membranes, skin and eyes; helping poor vision, cataracts, glaucoma, age spots, acne, eczema, etc. Oh and, twenty years of research proves eating foods rich in beta carotene gives us actual anti-cancer protection.
Chlorophyll: Helps remove toxins from the blood, literally acting as a blood cleanser, suppling the nutrients our bodies need to detox naturally and enabling the removal of toxins. As if it couldn’t get any better, chlorophyll also oxygenates the blood.
Antioxidants: Spirulina provides more antioxidant power than 5 servings of fruits and vegetables and 4x more than blueberries.
Folate (known in the synthetic world as Folic Acid): This food based vitamin is crucial for proper brain function, mental and emotional health and is especially important during high growth periods (such as infancy, adolescence and pregnancy)
Phytonutrients: Comparing phytonutrient levels, Spirulina is 31 times more potent than blueberries and 60 times more potent than spinach!
Prebiotics: These fiber compounds literally act as food for beneficial gut flora like lactobacillus and bifidobacteria, improving your digestion and bowel function by encouraging the colonization of “the good guys" which simultaneously discouraging the growth of pathonogenic bacteria.
Spirulina contains many other nutrients such manganese, zinc, copper, selenium, and chromium and B12...

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Sponsored Review: iMaze Fitness Dual HR Strap #imaze

Dear Readers:

As you know, I have recently added running to my workout regime and I love it. It is so freeing to feel the wind blow through my hair as I run on the Walkway over the Hudson or smell the plants and trees along the Rail Trail. There are so many picturesque and beautiful places to run and get close to nature in the beautiful Hudson Valley.  

When I run, I like to keep track of my pace, and how far I run. I am not really training for a race right now , and am currently out of commission with bad allergies and headaches. But when I run, I use my new iMaze Fitness Dual Heartrate Strap and free app that keeps track of my numbers. It was free and easy to download the app, and pretty self explanatory on how to hook the heart rate monitor up. It snaps on and adjusts around my ribcage. I love it. I have taken it out with me many times already and plan on using it for running and races in the spring.summer and onward. Check below for all of the details and links for more important information.

Important Info:

The new Fitness Dual HR strap from iMaze is the ultimate smart sensor for multi-sport training.
When used with the free iMaze Fitness app, it tracks and records your performance on smartphone when running or cycling. Once registered to the iMaze cloud, you can sync and review your workout history and stats from the app, a tablet, or any computer.
In addition, the Dual HR strap also connects to any other digital sport device, allowing you to incorporate existing gear. With the Dual HR strap your Heart rate is broadcast in real-time simultaneously on both Bluetooth(R) 4.0 and ANT+ channels, allowing you to monitor your heart rate on one Ant+ device (sport watch, cycle computer) while recording the data on your phone.
Heart rate training isn’t limited to outdoor activities and neither is the Dual HR strap, by connecting to any ANT+ foot pod* using the Dual HR strap, you can track essential data such as HR, speed and distance, even on a treadmill or during any other indoor sport.
iMaze knows that leading a healthy lifestyle means more than activity tracking so the Dual HR strap is also an accurate and proven health wellness monitor. With a simple 1 minute assessment each morning during rest, the Zenn in-app feature does the rest by calculating your Heart Rate Variability, giving you a Zenn Health index score scaled from 0-100. The higher your Zenn is – the better you are! By monitoring your daily and weekly Zenn score, you can adjust your training load to optimize results.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Review: Youphoria Pink Yoga Mat #youphoriayoga

Hello Dear Readers:

  For the past year or so I have been taking Pilates class at my local gym a few times a week.I love it. Also, for many years, I have studied Yoga off and on and have had a few different yoga mats of my own. But my new Pink Youphoria Yoga Mat is one of my faves yet. It is thick and cushy and sticks well in my Pilates classroom. I love the color and the thickness, it does not move when I am taking a class. Plus, it comes with its own carry strap which slips right onto the mat.Wonderful!

Important Info:

Youphoria Yoga Mat

Size: 24" x 72"
Thickness: 1/4" (6mm)

| TOP RATED MATERIAL | Youphoria Yoga's top-grade, high density memory foam helps you stabilize your hands and feet during yoga poses or workouts but offers much needed joint relief without losing balance.
| ULTIMATE GRIP | The proprietary grip circles on the bottom of the mat keep it from sliding, even on the smoothest of surfaces. The top-side is built with a unique blend of grip, stability, and comfort, so your hands and feet won't slide.
| ECO FRIENDLY | Youphoria Yoga's high density memory foam material is SGS Approved and free from Phthalates. Meaning it is free of harmful chemicals and toxins making it safe for the environment and most importantly, YOU!

| ODOR FREE | Do you hate the smell of new yoga mats?! Our Youphoria Yoga Mat is not manufactured with any harsh chemicals meaning it shows up odor free and ready to use. You should concentrate on your practice or workout, not the smell of your new mat!
| WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE | Each one of our customers is given a yoga specialist who will help answer questions, provide yoga towel care instructions, and make sure you are 100% satisfied! Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Review: Pure Bliss Stroller Organizer #strollerorganizer

Hello Dear Readers:
   Using a great organizer when you are on the go is key. Especially when you are a mom and are juggling bags, sippy cups, keys, a phone etc. I put things down all of the time and forget where I put them. With this wonderful stroller organizer from Pure Bliss, there is a place for everything. My phone, keys , a sippy cup or two..etc. I attached it to my running stroller and am ready to go! 

Important Info from the company:

"The Mercedes Benz of stroller organizers! That’s what our customers say. Unlike many other brands, the Pure Bliss Stroller Organizer has been DESIGNED TO SPECIFICALLY HANDLE THE PROBLEM OF DRINKS SPILLING! Reinforced cup holders keep drinks firmly in place to guard against sloshing around and spilling. Plus they’re double insulated to keep your drinks hot or cold longer.  

Made of thick, high quality material. Features adjustable Velcro straps that are intelligently designed to accommodate various handle angles which easily attach to most strollers, including pet strollers with handles between 13 and 21 inches wide. The collapsible design will not interfere with folding your stroller. Made of eco-friendly machine washable fabric (please air dry):  BPA-free and Phthalate-free for your peace of mind. 

The large center compartment has a magnetic closure, which is not only elegant but smart, because it will not wake the baby when you open it. It’s big enough to hold diapers, wipes, snack, small toys or your wallet. The two outer pockets are great for keeping your cell phone and keys within easy reach.  The middle pocket is lined with microfiber to protect sunglasses from getting scratched.

The Pure Bliss Stroller Organizer comes with a No-Hassle LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, return it for a full refund. – Plus you will receive FREE SHIPPING with Amazon Prime membership or if your order totals $35 or more.

FREE ebook – “55 Fun and Educational Activities To Do With Your Baby or Toddler” with your purchase of the Pure Bliss Stroller Organizer. This book is loaded with fun and creative ideas you can do with your baby, both indoors and out, summer or winter! Download instructions will arrive with your package. Get your stroller organizer now - You will be glad you did!"

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Review: Surprise Ride fun and creative crafty art box #surpriseride

Dear Readers:

 Ana and I were super excited to receive our first Suprise Ride fun and creative subscription box.  We packed it in the car to take to a recent vacation in Cape Cod. Our box was packed with items pertaining to Stars, and had some really fun crafts and stuff inside.

We took it out and explored the crafts inside and looked for something easy to do (without making too much of a mess on vacation). We chose the We Spy Telescope Game and designed our own telescope with shiny paper and star stickers.  Ana and her cousin Ellie, had a great time decorating and playing with the shiny telescope. 

Our box also included:

Design and Build a Clock, Star Finder Pocket Compass, Cosmo  the Flying alien, A funny space fill in activity book and some cool Astronaut Freeze Dried Pineapple for a snack.

 Important information from the company:

"Surprise Ride is a subscription service that sends kids ages 6-11 fun and educational hands-on activities that foster creativity and imagination!  The company was started by two sisters Donna and Rosy, and they have been working hard to create a lasting impact on the lives of children, beyond the latest toys or technologies. 

Our company is continuing to expand, gathering publicity on various platforms and facilitating exciting partnerships.  We were featured on Shark Tank in November. We also recently partnered with award-winning country music star Sara Evans and Hidden Valley® Original Ranch® to develop an activity box full of nutritious recipes and engaging crafts that makes it easier than ever to spend quality time with your kids.  This exciting partnership was featured on The View this May. "

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Review: Running Belt/Waist Pack from My Running Belt

Dear Readers:
Recently I discovered how much fun running can be. I love to run outside on trails, over the Hudson River on the walkway and even around my rural neighborhood. I wish I could run on the beach all of the time.D and I were lucky to have some time to run when we in Cape Cod. I snapped a few photos before our run and caught him with this fun new running belt/waist pack from My Running Belt.

It held all of our valuables while we went for a walk/run around and on the beach. Our room key, phone, money etc. safely and comfortably. Plus, it looks kinda cool. 

Important Info:

My Running Belt waist belt's 2 expandable pockets are perfect for your smartphone, credit cards, energy bars, money, gels, passport, keys, medical products, women's hygiene products and other personal items.

It has a 2.4-in wide elastic belt with adjustable clips that fits snugly and will not curl while you walk or run. The strong elastic waistband prevents bouncing and movement.

Its reinforced YKK zipper withstands intensive use.

My Running Belt's solid waterproof material is soft to the touch and flexible. Available in pink, yellow and blue.

Fits waist sizes between 28 in and 52 in

Heavy-duty buckle, waterproof 3-layer TPU pockets, and reflective band for increased safety.

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Buy Here on Amazon
My Amazon Review

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Review: Pan for Gold Kit from Discover with Dr. Cool With Ana #panforgold

Hello Dear Readers:

Ana and I are always looking for fun activities on rainy or cold days. She loves drawing, crafting, playdough and Disney movies. I love adventures that involve education or learning. I like to make it fun.  This panning for Gold Kit from Discover with Dr Cool combines fun with education. Today was the perfect rainy day to experminet with it. It was easy to set up, came with fun directions and 2 bags of dirt/gold pieces. We started with the easy bag, and Ana got into it right away. She loved using the big tweezers, the perfect size for her hands, to pull the small pieces of gold out of the pan and store them in the enclosed jar. 

Important Info from Dr Cool:

Inside the Kit!

  •  Learn how to pan for gold just like a real prospector with this hands-on science kit
  •  Kit includes 10” prospectors pan, tools, storage vial, practice and advanced miner bags of paydirt, plus  large fool’s gold nugget
  •  Perfect gift for any kid aged 6-12 that is interested in gold, prospecting, science, or geology
  •  Full Color Info and Activity guides written by teachers are filled with cool science facts about gold
  •  Winner of Dr. Toy Best Picks for New Products Award
  •  Kids award winning pan for gold science toy
Ana uses the tweezers to pull the Gold out! 

 Learn How to Pan for Gold! Ready to strike it rich? This hands-on science kit will teach you how to pan for gold just like a real gold miner! 

This exciting treasure hunter’s kit includes a 10" prospector’s pan, 2 bags of “pay dirt” with pyrite (also known as fool's gold) nuggets inside, mining tools, and much more. You’ll learn all of the secrets to panning in the full-color adventure guide. Plus there’s an activity booklet with 10 fun games, puzzles, and challenges to solve. With this kit you’ll be yelling “Eureka” in no time! Once you learn all of the secrets to gold panning, you can hunt for real gold in a stream near you! This kit makes a great gift for the rock hound or treasure hunter in your family. 

AWARDS WON:: Academics' Choice - Brain Toy Award 2013, Best Picks Winner for New Products - Dr. Toy 2012 and Brain Child Toy Award - Tillywig Toy Awards 2013"

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Review: Forskolin Extract Supplement #naturallane

Dear Readers:

I receive all kinds of diet aids, and supplements to review. I usually read up on the product when it arrives and give it a trial run. In this case, Duncan was the guinea pig as he tested out Forskolin from Natural Lane when it arrived from Amazon. It was easy to digest, and aids in weight loss and metabolism boosting, and he did not notice any side effects. It seemed to work.

What is Forskolin?

Forskolin is found in the roots of the Coleus forskohlii plant, which is a member of the mint family and it grows through out subtropical areas. It has been used in traditional Indian medicine for centuries. Researchers not long ago learned that forskolin can help to promote the breakdown of stored fats in animal and human fat cells and aid losing weight.

Important Info From Natural Lane:

 Forskolin has become pretty popular because of its ability to help people boost their metabolism, but there are many lesser known benefits such as: helping with inflammation, clearing up skin, getting better sleep, among many others. Our forskolin is 250 mg per capsule and each bottle has 60 capsules. This is a 1-2 month supply depending on your dosage. 

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Buy Here on Amazon
My Amazon Review

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Review: The Kupp Colorful, Fun Glasses for Kids!

Hello Dear Readers:
  Ana is 4 years old now, and it is well past time to let go of her plastic sippy cups. Even though we still use them for travel and in the carseat, we have switched to big girl cups and glasses at the table and for everyday use. When we recieved these beautiful, colorful Kupp glasses, I knew Ana would be hooked and sure enough, she uses them for everything. Soup, tea, water and juice. She loves them. They are easy to hold, safe, and so well made. Plus the colors are fun and vibrant. Perfect if she has a friend over to keep track of which glass is in use. 

Our New Kupps! 

Important Info:

"The Kupp’ was created by Katesplace founder Kate Oliver as a tool to help her young boys learn accountability and responsibility. She gave each of her children their very own glass in a different color and put them in charge of their cup and all of the responsibilities that came with it, including setting the table, washing, and putting it away. She quickly discovered that she had a cleaner kitchen and her family consumed less plastic. As a result, the Kupp’ was born—a six-ounce glass with
a colorful silicone sleeve designed just for kids.

Important Facts:

  •   The Kupp’ is a six-ounce glass outfitted with a colorful silicone sleeve. It’s designed for kids ages 3-10.

  •   The firm grip and silicon sleeve helps to protect the glass from damage while providing a safe, toxic free vessel to drink from.

  •   The Kupp’ comes in four vibrant colors that represent the environment: blue for water, green for earth, orange for the sun, and red for warmth.

  •  The Kupp’ is the perfect serving size for children, and allows them to become more conscious of waste and consumption.

  •  The Kupp’ is made in the USA using imported glass, and all materials are sourced from environmentally-friendly manufacturers that adhere to EU and US regulations.

  •  All glass is recyclable, certified lead and cadmium free, and is made from a pure soda-lime formula. It is also dishwasher safe!

  • The grip-friendly silicon sleeve is BPA/BPS free and made with medical and food grade silicon to prevent damage. The sleeve does not have to be removed when washing, which makes cleaning your Kupp’ very simple.

  •  The adorable Kupp’ is designed to resemble a smile so kids are naturally attracted to it!

  • The retail price of the Kupp’ is $16.99 each

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I  received this product for free from the sponsor of the Moms MeetSM program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a MomsMeetsSM blogger, I agree to use this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of this product.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Amazing Giveaway!: Two La Mer Wrap Watches. Two winners!

Hello Dear Readers:

 I am so excited to join in on this fabulous giveawy for a cool set of watches. Check out all of the info below and enter enter enter. You cannot win if you do not enter!!

Barefoot in Blue Jeans and some wicked awesome bloggers are offering you a chance to win one of two beautiful La Mer wrap watches! Thats right! Two lucky winners will take home a watch!
la mer giveaway

The Super cool Prizes:

41u9l0tfhNL._SY300_One La Mer White Patent Wrap Watch: Extra-Long White Patent Soft Leather Strap. Wipe Clean 55Cm Long And 1.25Cm Wide Strap, White Square Watch Case, 2.2Cm Wide Watch Case, Seiko Watch Movement, Buckle Closure. Nickel Free. Due To The Handcrafted Nature Of This Product, Each Watch May Vary Slightly.Made In The Usa       MTM03068
One La Mer Paris Rain Wrap Watch: Extra-long 'Paris Rain' Inspired Leather strap topped with Gold plated rivets and Buckle. Wipe clean. 22" long, .5" wide strap. Signature Gold Plated Watch Case with a White Dial and Silver Index, .875" wide Watch case. Japanese Movement, buckle closure. Nickel Free. Due to the handcrafted nature of this product, each watch may vary slightly. Made in the USA.

Two lucky people will win a La Mer wrap watch. Watches will be chosen at random from the 2 available. Giveaway is open to the US and Can. You must be at least 18, and use the giveaway widget below to enter. This fabulous giveaway will end on 11/04/2014 at 11: 59 pm EST. Enter in the easy to use form below..lots of chances for entry. Tell them I sent you...Zoe

 Good Luck Everyone!

I have not been compensated for this post. All opinions and experiences are my own. Confirmed Winner(s) will be contacted by email and have 48 hours to respond before a new winner will be drawn. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. The sponsor(s) will be responsible for product shipment to winner(s) of the giveaway. Sponsor will be responsible for prize fulfillment. This event is in no way associated with, sponsored, administered, or endorsed by Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest or any other social media network. For questions, or to have your product featured on BarefootinBlueJeans you can Email Jeanna @

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Eco at Heart Stainless Steel Drinking Straws Review

Hello Dear Readers:

We try to be as green as we can be over here at Casa Lee...and these cool reusable straws from Eco At Heart are just one of the many products that help keep us from wasting and using plastic and paper that is unnecessary. I love that they come with a straw cleaner, and Ana loves playing with them, I mean drinking from them in her big girl glasses.

They are washable, and easy to store. They come in a cute box too! 

More info from the company:

Announcing the launch of  ECO AT HEART! The eco-friendly alternative to using plastic in your lives. 

Do you ever wonder what happens to the plastic that you throw in your trash? The majority ends up in landfills, never to be recycled or reused.

If you're concerned about the effect that plastic has on your body, or if you want to reduce your plastic footprint on the planet, then ECO AT HEART can help you start.

We are releasing the first of many products in our eco-friendly alternatives to plastic with a 5-pack of stainless steel straws. The perfect starting point for you to become a concious consumer and eliminate plastic from your life.

Drinking #juice with our cool #new #ecoatheart #straw #green #washable #stainlesssteel

Important Info:

Extra wide 3/8" - perfect for those thick smoothies
Odorless & Tasteless
5-pack - perfect for the whole family
An excellent gift idea
Free eBook included packed with 25 Smoothie recipes 
BPA Free - Dishwasher Safe
Store in the freezer to keep drinks chilled
18/8 Grade stainless steel - won't rust or bend
8.5" Long, higly polished and perfectly straight

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