Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Make Cocktails Like a Pro with Barware Styles Review #barwarestyles

Dear Readers:

 I have to admit, I rarely drink these days. I pretty much gave up drinking when I started working with Beachbody on RevAbs all those years ago and then I was pregnant, and then nursing and so on and so forth and I just didn't start drinking alcoholic drinks again. However, we still entertain friends here at Casa Lee, and that means that cocktails are imbibed and treats are eaten... I received this beautiful Barware set to review and D and I made delicious juice with vodka drinky-poos. Ok, they were still mostly healthy since it was veggie and fruit juice with just a swish of Vodka. But, still. A beautiful drink. Check it:


Beautiful right?? And super delish and easy to make with our beautiful new set!!

Important Info from the company:

"Entertain your friends by creating masterful cocktails from the comfort of your own home bar! If you're tired of paying $15 per cocktail at a bar when you know you can make it for $2 at home, then you've come to the right place."

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PhantomFit Resistance Bands Review (with my guest of honor, and hubby: Duncan)

Dear Readers:

  This Fall has been amazing for great workouts so far. Duncan and I are loving running and a cool Kickboxing/Martial Arts inspired class at Gold's Gym as well as Pilates and Biking. We are open to it all. We recently visited Cape Cod and took some photos on the beach...and brought along some of our favorite workout tools so we could workout without the gym.  I take Pilates a couple of times a week and I love using resistance bands. And, now I have my own color coded set! These  resistance bands from PhantomFit come in four different levels and all fit into a cute carrying case. I had Duncan demonstrate the blue band to show you how wonderful and stretchy it is.  Do you bodyweight train?? It is amazing how cut you can get and how strong I feel after a bodyweight workout....I will add a link or two below to give you a good example of using these bands!!

Important Info from the company:

"PhantomFit Resistance bands are the best solution because they:

- Are perfect for physical therapy exercises all the way to intense workouts
- Works flawlessly for arm, ankle, and leg workouts
- Are separated by resistance level to meet your needs 
- Are extremely durable and long-lasting
- Are lightweight and portable

What's Included?
- 1 Blue "Light" Band
- 1 Red "Medium" Band
- 1 Green "Heavy" Band
- 1 Black "X-Heavy" Band

You'll also receive
- Nylon carrying case for portability
- Our favorite workout music downloadable as a mp3 file

It is such an easy and fun way to workout without equipment and basically anywhere (especially on the beach in Cape Cod ) 

Important Links:

And bodyweight training Links:

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Review: Galley Essentials Silicone Baking Cups (we made delish muffins!) #bestsiliconebakingcups

Hello Dear Readers:

We received these ridiculously cute colorful Silicone Cupcake/Muffin Cups from Galley Essentials. They are perfect. Just spray them with cooking spray and anything you bake is nonstick. We made fat free muffins (see photos below) and they came out perfectly! Ana is such a big girl now, that she helped me in every aspect. Mixing in the ingredients and spooning the muffin mix into the cups. She did a great job. And these cups were so easy to use for her, and colorful. She loved choosing which one to eat..pink..purple.etc. After we pulled out the muffins, there was no residue and it was easy to clean the cups. Super easy. 

Ready to make a special treat : Fat Free Cranberry Orange Muffins from Krusteaz

Important Info from the Company:
"Galley Essentials Silicone Baking Cups

*eco-friendly, reusable silicone baking cups
*made of flexible silicone so they peel away easily from cupcakes and muffins
*BPA free and Food Grade silicone
*Versatile and can be used for all kinds of baked treats (cupcakes, muffins, mini cheesecakes) and frozen treats as well
*safe temperature range of -40F-446F
*Great to use the colors to seperate gluten free baked items from regular baked items
*silicone helps bake evenly
*great for family fun; kids love them!
*super easy to clean
*comes in a pack of 12 (4 bright colors)"

My little helper in the kitchen, Ana

and finally:

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Review: +LIFEGUARD MINI 1 mini charger for my Iphone!! #pluslifeguard

Dear Readers:

  I have had Iphones for years. And there is one consistent attribute to all of my Iphones, quck draining of my battery. I use many apps at once, check my email and facebook often, Instagram.Tweet and use GPS maps so all of those Apps take a lot of battery energy and I often drain my phone before I can get to a wall charger. So when I had the opportunity to review this cute, stylish and amazing Lifeguard Mini charger, I was psyched. (I chose the black one since it matches all of my clothes and my bags).

   It fits into all of my purses or bags, is easy to charge up and hook into my phone. I tried it out on a train ride back and forth to NYC for work, and tooling around town in the car. I do have a car charger as well, so I really need this when I am working in the city or do not have access to my car. (like a day out at the apple orchard.)

Here are the deets from the company:

+LIFEGUARD MINI 1 is the best portable external battery available on the market. This compact well designed product has a premium smart battery that will save your cell phone battery hundreds of times with rapid and full charges.
 The Lifeguard Mini has:

  •    REAL 3000mAh CAPACITY – GET YOUR DEVICE 100% CHARGED in 1.5 TO 2.5 HOURS.

Buying the +LIFEGUARD MINI 1 now you will get an $14.00 valued apple compatible lightning cable for FREE! It is the best size to charge your iPhone 5, 5C or 5S using the +LIFEGUARD MINI 1.

iPhones: 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4.

HTC: Oce X, S, V/Sensation XE XL/EVO 4G/Radar 4G/Inspire 4G/ThunderBolt
SAMSUNG: Galaxy S5, S4, S3, S2, Note 2 S2, Nexus, Galaxy Note, Focus S, Infuse
Google: Nexus 5, 4, Google Glass
Motorola: Droid Razr, Bionic, Atrix 2, Triumph.
Amazon: Fire Phone
Other cell phones, MP3. MP4, digital camera, and other with DC 5V input.
Battery type: Lithium ion
Capavity: 3000mAh
Charging time (wall charger): Max 5h
Charging time (computer): Max 12h
Input: 5V, 0.8A
Output: 5V, 1A
Size: 3.8*1*0.9in
Weight: 3.45oz
 Life cycle: ~800 cycles
+LIFEGUARD’s confidence in the MINI 1 is backed by it’s 18-month money-back guarantee. Feel safe to buy the +LIFEGUARD MINI 1 and enjoy your cell phone more than ever.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Old Wive's Tail Luxury Handmade Organic Oil Treatment #oldwivestail

Dear Readers:

 I have thick, dry, curly hair that is unwieldy and messy. I use a lot of product to keep my curls healthy and separated...and for the dry ends and any damage it endures from coloring it. I love finding organic and natural products to use on my curls to keep them healthy looking. Old Wives Tail makes Luxury Handmade Organic Oil Treatment with Jojoba and Clove  and it smells wonderful and works wonders on my dry and unruly curls! I love the ingredients:
 Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Karite Butter Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Fruit, Eugenia Caryophyllus (Clove) Flower Oil, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil.
My kooky hair!! 

Plus it is:
Made with certified organic ingredients only, paraben free, sulfate free, gluten free, vegan & vegetarian, no animal testing. 
Amazing right? And lovely packaging with a little printout all about the product. I love it!! (see photos below) From the company:

"Our organic oil treatment is completely chemical free and 100% natural making it very gentle and kind on your hair and scalp. Our oil treatments strengthen, thicken and nourish the hair making them the perfect natural remedy for dry, damaged, broken and brittle tresses. They smell absolutely divine! We use stimulating and refreshing essential oils that give our oils their amazing scent. "

                                                                      beautifully wrapped!

My Old Wives Oil came with directions printed out, love it!!!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Review: Pure Garcinia Cambogia from Summit Nutritions #Garcinia

Dear Readers:

I have been using Garcinia Cambogia for several months now and this wonderful 85% HCA Complex is Pure Natural Water Extracted, GMO and Gluten Free so I feel great. I take my GC with water in the morning before my breakfast and again before dinner if I am going to have any healthy fats or it is my cheat day. I eat super healthy and workout almost everyday so it makes sense that when I want to cheat on my healthy meals I can just pop a GC and I am good to go. This is enhanced formula and is considered extra strength.

From the company:

Our Garcinia Cambogia is 100% Natural, it is extracted only from the natural source (Not synthesized in a lab) by using natural water(Scientifically Developed Patented Extraction Method), a traditional Ayurveda method by eliminating the use of harsh solvents like alcohol, acetone etc.

Summit Nutritions Garcinia Cambogia has more than 85% HCA complex which includes real and legitimate (Third party Tested in US according to standardization of USP/NF) approximate 72% (-) HCA and its in stabilized form with complex of natural lactones of HCA, Citric Acid and Mineral of Natural calcium


It also serve as source of natural calcium since the calcium is from the plant itself and  is in natural form. No artificial Calcium is added.

We developed and formulated the product in the maximum clinical strength formula,1500 mg / Serving (Recommended clinical dosage is 1500- 3000mg/ Day), in Kosher, Halal and Vegetarian Capsules without adding any Fillers, Binder or Artificial ingredients. Our products are also Gluten and GMO Free.

Yes, Summit Nutritions Garcinia Cambogia is 100% Pure and Natural formula which comes in Clinical Strength, which control your appetite, blocks fat, increase serotonin level (Good for people who eat more in stress) and increase the energy level. The ultimate weight loss goal is achieved by only proper use of Diet and Exercise and the goal is boosted by Garcinia Cambogia fat blocking effect as studied in many credible clinical studies. We also provide the assurance of 100% Satisfaction or Money back Guarantee to assure return on your investment. We would like to be part of your weight loss goal.

Sounds pretty fantastic right? It is...and 

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Review: Organic Tart Cherry Juice from Sleepytime #tartcherryjuice

Dear Readers:

I was so excited to discover Organic Tart Cherry Juice as an Antioxidant and Sleep Booster. I love anything Cherry Flavored and adding 2 teaspoons (a serving) to a smoothie is just the thing I desire. For my first taste, I sipped it alone to really tast the tart Cherry. And it tasted just as it sounds. Like fresh squeezed cherries into a glass.Delish. Tart, and oh so healthy.

From the company:



 Upgrade Sleep, Relieve Pain or Your Purchase is On Us!*
 Replace habit-forming prescription medication with this triple-threat sleep aid and pain reliever!

The ULTIMATE ANTIOXIDANT, tart cherry was featured to REDUCE PAIN, FIGHT HEART DISEASE, and PROMOTE SLEEP - (TV Doctor, Daytime Emmy Award Winning Host)

 Introducing Uniquely Pure 100% Organic Tart Cherry Juice:

  • Best Natural Melatonin Source For Improved Sleep (Stop Insomnia)*
  • Block Bad Enzymes For Pain Relief (Less Swelling, Faster Muscle Strength Recovery)*
  • Help Fight Heart Disease By Controlling Bad Cholesterols*
  • Neutralize Harmful Oxidants In The Body*
  • The Sweetest Thing You Can Do For Your Health!

Pro teams - from the NHL, NBA, and Division I NCAA - use tart cherry juice to recover and reduce inflammation after strenuous activity by taking tart cherry juice for 7 days before competition.

For Best Results:
- Try 1 serving for dinner or 2-3 hours before bedtime
- Perfect as a mixer, fruit smoothies, cocktails
- Add to your favorite dessert, ice cream, yogurt, fruit, or pastry and BEYOND!

Made in USA, Superior Potency
Try Elite Gold's tart cherry - ALL NATURAL SLEEP AID & PAIN RELIEF* - 100% Guaranteed.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Review: Lypo-Spheric R-Alpha Lipoic Acid

Dear Readers:
 I am always looking for a healthy way to strengthen my immune system and take more vitamins.I  look for clean food that is high in vitamins, low in fat and low on the glycemic index.  Although I have never heard of Lypo-Spheric R-ALA before I was sent this to try out and most of the scientific information is over my head, I do understand what antioxidants can do for my body. Especially before and during cold and flu season.  To truly understand what this ALA can do, I refer to the information that the company sent to me:

 "Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is one of the strongest antioxidants that can be found in nearly every tissue in a healthy body. A small amount of ALA is made naturally in the body, but the rest of what you need must come from eating red meat, organ meats, and brewer's yeast or from dietary supplements.

Since the amount of ALA available in dietary supplements is as much as 1,000 times greater than what you can obtain in a normal diet, ALA experts recommend daily supplementation with high-quality ALA.

The R Form of ALA
ALA can be found in two forms: the R form, which is the form found in nature, or the S form, which is often used in low-cost, synthetic preparations of ALA. R-ALA is proven to be more bioavailable and biologically active than S-ALA, but it is expensive to produce and often presents stability issues in manufacturing. This is why most ALA supplements contain only the S form, or a 50/50 mixture of S-ALA and R-ALA.

Lypo-Spheric™ R-ALA encapsulates R-ALA in liposomes made from Essential Phospholipids, which protect the R-ALA from destruction by your digestive juices. Within minutes of taking Lypo-Spheric™ R-ALA, liposomes filled with R-ALA are transported directly into the bloodstream, and into the cells. This powerful delivery system gives you the potential to experience the full benefits of ALA with every packet."

Can someone please explain that to me, in plain English? I do not remember much of what I learned in high school Bio (I didnt study science in College) and it is slightly over my head. For now, I just get that this supplement is really good for me especially because I do not eat red meat or any meat (I eat fish and poultry, eggs and yogurt). 

For more information check out the links below:

Important Links:

Liv On Labs on Facebook
Livon Labs on Twitter

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

True Sol 100% Pure Yacon Syrup Review #truesolyacon

Dear Readers:

I love experimenting with new, clean ingredients and baking. And, I am always on the search for low glycemic alternatives to stay eating clean and Paleo-ish. I do not like ingesting a lot of sugary foods, and I avoid snacking as much as I can. That said,I still bake goodies for Ana and her class, and friends. So sometimes I need to add honey, agave, or maple syrup as I bake. I recently discovered Yacon Syrup as an alternative, and it is pretty amazing.  I had to look Yacon up to know its true value, and found some pretty interesting facts when I did.

 Such as:
 "Yacon syrup can be used as a prebiotic to increase digestive health and regularity. Use this raw yacon syrup as a non-caloric, low-glycemic sweetener and help regulate healthy blood sugar levels. Eating Yacon Syrup Daily Has Been Proven to Help Boost Weight Loss & Slim Your Waistline. 

Indications :

 Use Yacon Syrup before daily meals, or as a sugar substitute in foods for cooking and baking. When taken daily, raw yacon syrup can assist in losing weight, increase metabolism and aid with detox cleansing of the digestive system. Yacon Syrup is also an excellent appetite suppressant, which makes it ideal for weight loss in men and women. 

Ingredients :

 Contains Raw Yacon Syrup pressed from fresh Yacon root. There are no additives in this product.

 Study Results - After the four weeks, there were forty women who completed the test as required, and 29 of them lost weight in some form. Fourteen of the women reportedly lost five pounds or more, with the average weight loss overall coming in at 2.9 pounds. There also was a 1.9-inch average waist size reduction. 

The best low-glycemic sweetener ever has been found Fresh pressed from the Yacon root (Smallanthus sonchifolius) this syrup is a gift from nature that has been enjoyed for centuries in the Andean highlands of Peru. 

Suggested Use:
  As a dietary supplement Use Yacon Root Syrup as you would honey,agave, stevia or maple syrup. on foods in recipes and to sweeten beverages. 

Note :
Must be refrigerated after opening - Or as directed by your healthcare professional.

  • Pure yacon syrup assists in weight loss and slimming waist sizes, regulating blood sugar, and increasing daily fiber intake
  • The syrup, distilled from the Peruvian tuber yacon -- contains up to 50 percent fructooligosacharides, or FOS. FOS, classified as a prebiotic, is a non-caloric sweetener and also a fiber source.
  • According to a 2009 Scientific study, daily intake of yacon syrup produced a significant decrease in body weight, waist circumference and body mass index.
  • Yacon syrup Speeds up the metabolism to combat excess fat and regulates the hunger hormone, making you feel full longer.
  • Low-Glycemic Sweetener

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Review: Adovia Mineral Skin Care Moisturizing Day Cream with Dead Sea Salt

Dear Readers:

  I have used almost the entire line of Adovia products in the past couple of months and I am a big, big fan. They are high quality, gentle on my skin and perfect for my daily routine. The Adovia Mineral Skin Care Moisturizing Day Cream is no exception.

From Adovia:

Moisturize and protect your skin with Adovia's quick absorbing and non-greasy, daytime moisturizer. Quenches your skin's thirst with natural, deep hydration that lasts all day giving you a more radiant complexion.   HYPOALLERGENIC. DERMATOLOGIST TESTED & APPROVED. Contains an active complex of Dead Sea Minerals for natural moisture balance. It continues working throughout the day by improving your skin's ability to regain its natural moisture and better retain its moisture levels. People will wonder why your skin has than new, natural "glow".

Directions: Spread in circular motions a thin layer of Adovia Moisturizing Cream twice a day for perfect protection of the skin. Also ideal as a make-up base.

The moisturizer is infused with Dead Sea minerals, all natural UV protection and aloe vera. The Hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and approved cream works to moisturize deep, hydrating skin and bringing out the natural radiance. A single application provides all-day moisture without clogging pores. Adovia moisturizing cream contains an active complex of Dead Sea minerals for natural moisture balance that is easier for skin to retain.

Demineralised Water & Dead Sea Water, Stearic Acid, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Bergamot (Citrus Aurantium Bergamia) Oil, Cetyl Alcohol, Grape (Vitis Vinifera) Seed Oil, Caprilyc/Capric Triglyceride, Potassium Cetyl Phosphate, Carbomer, Propylene Glycol & Chamomile (Anthemis Noblis) Extract & Algae Extract & Papaya (Carica Papaya) Extract & Aloe Vera Barbadensis Gel, Urea, Lactic Acid, Dimethicone, Benzoic Acid, Chlorphenesin, Dehydroacetic Acid, Benzalkoinium Chloride, Retinyl Palmitate, Dead Sea Salt, Benzophenone-3.

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Review of Sunsella Ice Pop Maker Molds. (and chocolate pudding cookie popsicle recipe) Colorful and fun! #sunsellamightypops

Dear Readers:

Ana and I love making healthy snacks and fun recipes. We try and make things out of fresh produce that we receive at our CSA, but for this product test we decided to be a little naughty. We chose Chocolate Pudding Pie Pops with Oreo Cookie pieces. Super easy to make!  And using these colorful Sunsella Ice Pop Maker Molds made making popsicles soooo fun!! 


Yield: 10 ice pops (3 ounces each)

Prep Time: 15 mins
  • 2 1/4  cups 
    cold 2% milk ( I used skim)
  • 1   
    box (3.9 ounces) instant chocolate pudding and pie filling (or you can use sugar free, we used regular pudding)
  • 1   cup 
    Oreo cookies, crushed
  • 1   
    ice pop mold (10 indentations)
  • 10   
    wooden ice pop sticks

Whisk together milk and pudding mix in medium-size bowl for 2 minutes. Fold in cookie chunks. Pour into ice pop mold and cover.
Gently insert ice pop sticks into mold, keeping as upright as possible. Freeze 6 hours or overnight.
To unmold:

Remove cover. Run outside of mold under warm water and gently pry pops from mold. Place in freezer-safe resealable plastic bag and store in freezer until serving.

nutrition information
Per Serving: cal. (kcal) 97, Fat, total (g) 3, sat. fat (g) 1, carb. (g) 16, Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet

Ready to eat her pop! Of course she chose the pink one!! 

Nothing like a chocolate pudding cookie pop before bed!! What a treat. 

Info from the company:

  • Set of 6 Ice Pop Maker Molds, 
  • BPA Free Silicone Popsicle Molds 
  • 100% Money-back Lifetime Guarantee! 
  • Make Your Own Healthy, Tasty & Refreshing Homemade Ice Lolly Treats -
  • Assorted Colors, Durable, Easy to Wash, 
  • Quick Freeze Design, 
  • No Mess, 
  • Dishwasher Safe,
  • Meets All FDA Standards. 
  • Comes with a free "50 Ice Pop Recipes" ebook.

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My review on Amazon


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.