Thursday, August 21, 2014

Giveaway: 31 Lunch Bag and Review of Chiquita Apple Slices with Ana

Dear Readers:

  We received an amazing array (see above) of Chiquita Bites products, for the purpose of this review. However, the opinions within are my own. Chiquita is supplying the prize of the 31 lunchbag in the giveaway below.

  Everywhere we go, Ana loves to snack. And ever since I started being pickier about what I eat, I love to have little meals and snacks with her on the go and in between our larger meals. These Chiquita Bites came in handy in so many situations. In the car. Before swim class. At Bounce in between jumping sessions. And after my first Zombie Obstacle Race.  I packed them in lunchbags, my gym bag and even gave some to the Hubster to snack on in between his trains (he is a train engineer).Who doesn't love apple slices?? And with caramel dipping sauce, the snack was complete. I loved the individual bags for Ana's snack and the bigger bags to share with friends and family when we were out and about.
Chiquita Bites at Bounce...we brought our own healthy snack!!

Want to know more? The deets from the kind Chiquita people:

"Chiquita Bites are available in convenient sizes, including single-serve bags, multipacks and family
packs. They’re great for lunches, salads, recipes and sharing!
  • Washed and ready to eat 
  • 30-80 calories per serving 
  • A half-cup of fruit or vegetables per serving
  • A great source of nutrition

Tips for Getting Back to School

1. Reintroduce a school year bedtime now to help make mornings easier when school starts again. 
Each night have your kids go to bed 15 minutes earlier until you’ve reached their school year bedtime.
2. Promote healthy snacking by keeping pre-portioned snacks easily accessible for your little one - 
keep fruits, veggies and lunch meat in snack portion baggies on a low shelf in the fridge.
3. Get organized for the school year by clearing out a small space to dedicate to backpacks, jackets 
and other school gear.
4. Cookie cutters are a simple way to spice up lunch or snack time!
5. Prepare your kids for the mental demands of the school year by incorporating “pop quizzes” 
throughout the day. Have them spell “banana” as they eat their snack!
6. Toothpicks make perfect bite-size skewers - they’re easy to eat and your kids will love them! Stack 
various fruits, cheeses and veggies for a convenient, fun lunch.
7. Beat homework blues by designating a special area for homework, make sure it’s quite and stocked 
with all the supplies your little students may need.
8. Take a minute to surprise your son or daughter with a fun note in 
their lunch. They’re great for lunches, salads, recipes and sharing!

Make sure you enter the quick giveaway at the rafflecopter below (for a 31 bag) and then follow THIS LINK and enter on the Facebook page for the Back to School Contest!!! 

Love apples?? We do. Also try these:

Try these great varieties:
· Juicy Red Apple Bites® (S, M, F)
· Juicy Red Apple Grape Bites® (S, M)
· Juicy Red Apple Bites® with
  Caramel (S, M)
· Juicy Red Apple Bites® with
  Yogurt (S, M)
· Juicy Green Apple Bites® (F)
· Juicy Green and Red Apple Bites® (F)
· Peeled Apple Bites® (S, M, F)

And follow these important links:

Win a 31 Thermal Lunch Bag:

-           This Thermal Tote is perfect for taking lunch on the go or to keep drinks and snacks cold while you’re out and about.  It is the perfect addition to any mom’s Back-to-School collection!


 Disclaimer: I received this product for free from the manufacturer.  I agreed to use this product and post my opinion on my blog.  My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the manufacturer of the product.


Life Is What It's Called said...


jenneads said...

love love love that this product exists!! I cut apples everyday for my daughter's lunch.. this will be a great thing in my house! lol

MamaStace said...

Subscribed via youtube - staceyrenee711


Cherilyn said...

A granola bar and an apple!

Jill Myrick (jsc123) said...

We love dried fruit such as peaches and apples. We also love small baggies of trail mix for on the go snacking.


Deborah Wellenstein said...

My favorite healthy snack is yogurt.

sweepmom said...

On the go I like a protein bar.

bac1 said...

nuts or pretzels

Unknown said...

Fruit - apples, grapes,

Michelle said...

I like an apple or an orange on the go.

tlcfromtn said...

Cheese and multigrain crackers

Unknown said...

Pretzels and peanut butter

Candie L said...

My son loves cucumber. Thank you


laurasloves said...

My favorite healthy snack for on the go is apple slices.
Laurie Emerson
lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

hussagain said...

I like clementines. easy to peel and fun to eat!

Unknown said...

nuts and string cheese

Breanne said...

Trail mix

wendi b said...

any type of fruit or cheeses or or both not to messy in the car

robyn paris said...

my favorite on the go snack are bananas

Carolyn Daley said...

I love grapes for on the go. It is very convenient to pack and eat on the run.

Buddy Garrett said...

Almonds are my favorite.

Anonymous said...

My favorite healthy snack for on the go is nuts, specifically cashews.