Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer fashion with Ana! Ana 365 continues.#fashion #toddler #fashionista

Hello Dear Readers:
 So just to answer the question first, YES....we have been taking daily photos even though there is NO school. I have fallen dreadfully behind in my photo editing (we are spending all of our time outside, running around and doing fun summer stuff)..but I have chosen some of my fave Ana fashions from the summer so far, and will share them here.  (I am looking for a new host for the daily photos, where I can make an easy to watch time capsule of her photos).

My sweet girl loves having her photo taken now, and for her fourth birthday I registered an email address so her friends, fans and family can send her notes, photos , videos and words of wisdom. If you would like to send Ana a virtual card, or message email me and I can send her email to you!! (

Without further ado(and in no particular order):

Ana and her friend, Lily!!



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