Friday, May 2, 2014

Update on #Revoltnowfit, a Year later. Stronger, thinner, faster...17 inches gone!

Me, A year ago....

Hello Dear Readers,
   I cannot believe it, but it was a year ago this week that I measured myself and had just started the Revolt fitness and food plan with Nichole Huntsman.  I was already on a healthy path thanks to the Dutchess County chapter of Stroller Strides, and had already lost about 10 lbs. I was eating relatively healthy, but was kinda sorta doing everything on my own with no real plan.  When I was contacted to review the Revolt plan, I had no idea how much it would impact my life.

  I found a life anew. Eating healthier and making wiser choices, and a renewed love for Fitness and working out that I had had before becoming pregnant with Ana. I no longer felt hopeless and without a journey to follow. I found a supportive group of moms, blogger and mom bloggers who were on the same boat I was. We supported each other with our ups, downs and plateaus and I write here today with success.  Sure, I have ups and downs and just plain ole bad days. But, I no longer hate to look into the mirror. I feel pride in my appearance and dare I say it, just a bit sexy again. I love shopping, and no longer look at it as a chore, but as a pleasurable experience.

  I had fun switching my winter clothes over into my spring and summer outfits, and I even have a couple of photo shoots scheduled for this spring.

  But most importantly above all, I feel strong and healthy. I feel fit. I have embraced my curves and strengthened my resolve. I can do anything.

But taking us back to a year ago , I didn't feel that way. Well.... Everyone has to start somewhere. And here is where I started:

My first measurements on REVOLT (and blog posting.)

 Mind you I was a week into the program,but I am sure they didn't change that much.

And here are my newest measurements taken last week:

 You cannot argue with results. No food to buy. No crazy pills. No counting points. Just good ole exercise, and eating less calories . Making good , clean choices/ Calories in, calories out.  :))

 I will not be posting any more after photos until my 40th!!! Then, I will do the final reveal. I cannot wait. Until then, I will be posting yummy recipes, and fun workouts (including my first burlesque class).

Stay well and Happy Spring,

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Great blog Zoe!
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