Friday, May 9, 2014

Sponsored: Bing in the Classroom #adfreesearch

 This article is sponsored by Bing.

Hello Dear Readers:

    If you are like me then you are super careful on how much screen time. and what content is on the screen when your child or children are busy watching television or surfing the internet.  Ana loves her ipad and uses it daily, but sometimes I get nervous if she is in a different room or starts searching youtube for videos and I do not know exactly what she is watching. I try and limit her usage (especially on the television) and control all of the content. The dvr is a big help with this as well as Netflix for on demand movies and videos.  I use the dvr to fast forward through the commercials, which is a big help. 

 When she is at school I feel confident that she is not being exposed to information that is not safe or appropiate for school aged children. During the summer. when I take over her education and we work on reading and writing, as well as online educational games. I feel better knowing that I control her content exposure. And Bing can help with that.   They have invented Bing in the Classroom,to helo control and remove content not appropiate for young eyes. How does it work? :
"Bing in the Classroom removes ads and blocks searches from being used for personalized advertising for all Bing searches done through the school’s network, making Bing the only major search engine to provide a search offering tailored specifically for the classroom. Bing is offering #adfreesearch for all schools, which includes the removal of all advertising, strict filters for adult content, and enhanced privacy protection. "

Check out the videos below about Bing in the Classroom for more information. After checking them out go to the Bing page and support your school by visiting the Bing for Classrooms Show Support Page!! HERE!!! 

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slehan said...

I'm glad Bing has this program. Kids don't need to see any more ads than they already do.

slehan at juno dot com