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Getting Healthy with Kara Bohack at Holistic Healing and Nutrition.

Hello Dear Readers:

  I am so excited to tell you about a new experience starting in my healthy journey of weight loss, exercise and nutrition.  For some time now I have told you all about the Revolt exercise and food plan, and eating clean & Paleo-based for about a year. Well, now I am taking my health to the next level through a series of meetings with Kara Bohack of Holistic Healing and Nutrition in Poughkeepsie, NY.  I have been an acquaintance of Kara's for some time now online, and was excited to meet her in person. She is a great influence on me trying the 21 day sugar detox (which I am halfway through) and always posts  healthy recipes and ideas on facebook and other social networks. You can find out more info about meeting with Kara at the links below.

 Upon arrival at the office, I could tell that the vibe was warm, friendly and open. The space is built in an open style, and there were children quietly playing in the waiting room. Since I had Ana with me, she dove right into the blocks and made herself at home.  I was handed several sheets of paperwork to fill out (by a friendly office assistant/receptionist) which included me writing down my case history and any major symptoms. Basically, why I was meeting for Holistic Healing.   I wrote down a few symptoms including weight control, bloating and gas, general overall health and of course no appetite, which I experience from time to time. Also,  this included a  checklist and I had to check any or all symptoms ranging from painful PMS, to weight gain etc...
A friendly , smiling Kara greeted me for my testing. 

  Then. once I filled out the sheets I was brought into a small room and the Nutrition Response Testing began. What is Nutrition Response Testing?? Well, there is a lot of information on the internet about the specifics but I am going to break it down in an easy to understand way.  And if you follow the links below, you can read up on all of the technical terms and specifics.

  Basically, the test starts with  analysis, assessing my current health status and then once that is determined a natural health program is designed for my individual needs.  It is much cooler than it sounds.

   I had to lay down and relax on a padded table and different points of my neurological reflexes were tested with various foods and assorted chemicals.  I have to mention that at the time of my first test, I was taking a strong antibiotic which the testing picked up on right away. It was amazing that right away it picked up on the medications in my body(I may retake the test after the antibiotic is out of my system). Here is an example of the kind of testing. Something like this (which I found on youtube):

 It was so very cool and Kara is very patient and good at it. She explained what each part of the process was as my muscle reactions took place, and also what I was sensitive to.  I was given paperwork explaining exactly what the Nutrition Response Testing entailed and having read through it, was excited to heal myself through designed nutrition.   Designed Clinical Nutrition is basically whole food in a tablet, capsule or powder and it is prepared without hurting any of the active enzymes and components.  These tablets use the Standard Process method which has several elements involved.

 Standard Process  nutrients come from plants that are grown on their own farms, in pesticide free soil, and with no chemicals. The machinery involved in the processing of these products  is made of glass and stainless steel only and  the temperature used in processing harvested plants is never raised above 90 degrees F. The active ingredients are not cooked, they remain active, alive and have a very long shelf life.

Holistic Healing and Nutrition uses products from the Energetix Line. More info HERE. 

The list that was generated for me using this test included Spanish Black Radish, Parotid PMG, and Super -EFF.

I found this info on the Standard Process website:

"Spanish Black Radish, organically grown, provides support for the body's organs.
  • Contains a high concentration of glucosinolate metabolites which induce the body's detoxification enzymes
  • Supports healthy liver and gallbladder function
  • Encourages healthy digestion
  • Supports the body's normal toxin-elimination function
Parotid PMG supports the saliva-producing parotid gland.
  • Provides uniquely derived nucleoprotein-mineral extracts that support cellular health
  • Supports healthy parotid gland function

Super-EFF supports the central and peripheral nervous systems.
  • Supports and helps maintain cellular health
  • Provides precursors for energy production
  • Contains trace amounts of essential fatty acids†"
 So where do I go from here??. I have made my next appointment which will fine tune my nutritional program and go over  my food list as well as evaluating any supplements that I already take.  Then after about 3 to 6 office visits I will move into Step 2 or a 12 week healing and observation period. Then my check ups will move from once a week to every other week. I will be writing more about that in my next posting . Until then, please check out all of the links below and contact Kara for any more information. I am so excited about this journey. I cant wait for optimum health from inside out.

Important Links:

Please keep in mind that there is a fabulous prepayment plan available. and follow up visits are completely affordable. Senior Citizens receive a 10% discount. Children of clients receive 40% off.

Please note, I received complimentary services in exchange for this review. The opinions within are my own and I stand behind my opinions.

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