Monday, March 24, 2014

Update on #revoltnowfit. Feeling Healthy, Strong and finally working through a plateau! #eatingclean #paleo

Hello Dear Readers:

  I am checking in with a quick update on my progress with Revolt and my fitness plan. This is not an official weigh in or anything like that. Just a breakthrough.

   I finally broke my plateau, sometime in the last couple of weeks and when I got home from Florida, and found the scale accidentally (hidden in the linen closet underneath some blankets, oops), I checked out my weight. I know, I know. I am really going by inches and muscle and before and after photos. But, every once in  a while it is nice to know that my success is on the scale too. And it is.  I lost 5 more lbs. I am now 1.5 lbs from my lifetime goal of 130 lbs. I feel like I can maintain 130 and a size 4/6 through my 40s and on up. But just for shiggles , and my 40th birthday, I would like to lose about one more size (8-10 lbs).

  In the meantime, I have been hitting the gym as much as I can, getting ready for running season (cant wait to get back outside) and have taken some fun new classes for fitness and for my 40 before 40 adventures. I have cleaned out my closets and split my clothing into three piles: sell, donate and keep. The keep pile is the smallest, and I am donating all of my 8s,10s and older clothes. Some shoes too! Time to make room for cute spring clothes and 4s and 6s to add to my smaller clothes, yay!

My food plan is going well as well and I am still following the Revolt plan mixed with Paleo. So a clean Paleo pesce-lacto-ovo-tarian. Phew.

My current measurements stand at:

131 lbs, 34 1/2 D, 27 1/2 waist, 34 hips with 37 1/2 in the booty.

Lets see where I was a year ago at this time...hmmmm?? Well, I started Revolt the last week of April into May and my starting measurements were:

150 lbs, 38 dd, 33 waist, 40 hips and I didn't measure my booty. LOL

I am so much happier, lighter. And I cannot even imagine how strong I will feel with about 5 or 10 more lbs off. I know it will be slow going, because my body is pretty comfy at 130 lbs. And a 4/6 is pretty reasonable for a 40 year old mama. But, I will try and just keep working out, eating clean and living a healthy lifestyle. That is all I can do. Oh, and try new products, new classes and new recipes. I have some good ones.

In the meantime, here are my posts to where this all started a little less than a year ago, check them out :

Stay healthy and fit,

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Pamanda said...

Good for you, Zoe. So nice to hear you're doing well and feeling great!