Tuesday, March 25, 2014

40 Before 40 Adventure number 3: A cool boat ride with White Ibis Tours in St Augustine Florida #40before40

Hello Dear Readers:

 This post continues on the adventures of my 40 before 40 challenge with a really fun eco-tour of the water and sites in St Augustine. We rented a cool pontoon boat tour for our family from White Ibis Tours in St. Augustine (thanks Grandma G!!)  and had fun out on the water. It was a cool, brisk sunset but I caught some beautiful shots. The water  is so peaceful.and beautiful, we had a great time.

    I could tell you all about the history of St Augustine, but there are websites for that. So I will link to a couple here if you are interested.  Also, if you check out the main site from White Ibis, my family is pictured there!! Coolness. Enjoy this adventure through photographs. We sure did.

Also, right now there is a Groupon for this tour, so if are planning on visiting or live nearby, check it out:

Ana loves the boat!

Cool Sites to read up on St Augustine:

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