Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week 1 Check In #revoltnowfit Getting Sick and Dealing with It!

Mama, You will be proud of my Matzoh Ball Soup, it was delish! 

 Hello Dear Readers:
   Well, I have good news and I have bad news.  The bad news first?  I finally gave in and got the cold that Ana had brought home to our household this past week. She was sick first, so I loaded up on vitamins, drank vinegar tea, ate lots of garlic. I tried all the natural ways to prevent cold to no avail.  And then, after  I was sick for a few days, Daddy got sick too.  So we had a house full of sneezing, hacking, coughing, nose clearing sickies. Lots of chicken soup, matzoh ball soup and even pea soup was made. Cold foods were abandoned and most of my tastebuds were gone. I stuck to the detox pretty well considering eveything was tasteless and although I didn't step on a scale to prove it, I felt like it went well.  Monday started Week 2 foods on Revolt and this week's recipes are spicy, flavorful and delicious (photos coming soon). Also, I rediscovered the joy of half of a glass of kefir in the morning. Less coffee ,more probiotics I say.

So ready for the good news? Last week at the gym (before the sickies settled in) I had one of the lovely trainers put me on the body fat measurement fancy schmancy scale. And the results came out better than I expected. Although I weighed in 3 more lbs than the last time I got on the scale at home, some of it may be muscle because my body fat percentage was lower than I expected. Check it out here (I took a photo to compare to it in 6 months):

The trainer at Gold's Gym told me to ignore the BMI and go by the bodyfat percentage which is 20.4% , a lot lower than I expected and fully in the healthy zone for my age/weight/height.  Even if you can believe it, on the lower end...crazy!!

As for my measurements this week..not much has changed. My hips measured a half inch smaller which could be true or just the measuring tape being tighter, lol. No big changes yet. But what did I expect for one week, with half of it being sick??  Ill check in next Sunday and compare again. Eventually all of the muscle confusion and clean eating will change things inside out!!! Later gators!

And Happy Early Valentines' Day. I was feeling sassy and sexy when I took this selfie!!! Look for some cute V Day photos and a new dress/necklace post soon!!


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