Monday, February 3, 2014

Revolt Redux Before Measurements/Photos #revoltnowfit

Dear Readers,

  I didn't make NY Resolutions this year. I usually do, but because I have so many adventures planned for 2014 and am already following my healthy life plan, I thought it might be silly to make some. So instead, I am blogging my food and fitness journaling. Starting today.

The good news. I look ok in clothes. I look pretty good if they fit well. The bad news. I still do not look so good in a bikini. Or at least where I want to be. So I took the photos. But I am keeping them to myself for now.  If I like the afters (when I turn 40 in Aug), then I will share the befores. Sounds fair , right?

I WILL share my Before Measurements, which I am keeping on an index card next to my bed. I will update them weekly.

Before, January 29th 2014 

B: 35  (yet I wear a 34 dd)
W 28 ( 27 and 28 jeans)
H  35
Butt 37

 I am not measuring my arms and legs. I will go by photos for those. Since I do not buy clothing to fit them, it seems excessive and silly. So I guess I am an hourglass again.

 Which I do not really mind. And I don't have ending measurements for my afters. I just want nice abs, a tight butt, and strong legs and arms. Oh, and not to lose anymore from my bust. Or I am going to buy a pair.

 And that is no lie. LOL.

So there you have it. My new befores. A place to work from. The lines are starting to form and somewhere underneath that baby belly are muscles. Just waiting to be found. Again.

And no, I dont wear shorts to workout in. I dont even wear shorts. But, I hope to again someday. Have a great week!!


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