Sunday, February 2, 2014

Revolt Detox Week & my story. The real story. Part 1. #revoltnowfit

Hello Dear Readers:

 So the day is finally here. I have been eating healthy and clean for a while now, and working out as much as I can for a busy mama.  But, it is time to take stock, evaluate what I am doing and figure out how to do it better. If I blog or journal, or just plain ole write it down, I feel better.  So here is my truth.  Let's back up a bit and give you some back story on my journey.

1974- 1989 
 I had a lovely childhood full of ballet classes, play dates and the gorgeousness of the Hudson Valley. Although I did not grow up conventionally beautiful by any means I learned that personality goes a long way. I had fun. I was little, petite and had a healthy love of running around, climbing trees, soccer, and playing pretend with my neighborhood friends until dinner time. What kids should be doing. Staying active.

13 years old during the 80s. Hey this was cool!!! 

High school.I went from kinda awkward curly, kinky hair to a pretty cool 90s do.  I wore it big and proud. I loved tight clothing, wanted to dress like a rock star and continued my dance journey through ballet, jazz, tap, and even pointe. I loved being athletic and healthy and admittedly did not eat a lot. I think my senior year of high school I took a class during my lunch time and had a yogurt or apple instead. Thin was in. And I was petite. 100 lbs soaking wet. With breasts. OY.

Before digital cameras, I had to scan this in. Zoe circa 88/89 school year. 14 years old.

 1992-1996  The College Years
I loved college. Lots of fun, great classes and staying active with dance classes, acting classes,  walking everywhere and just being young I guess (oh and going dancing every weekend). I weighed myself everyday. Everyday. I kept a chart over the scale in my bedroom. If I hit 110, I wouldn't eat until I was 107. Not sure why that was the magic number but it was.  5'4 " and 107 . Not too shabby. I looked great in all of my costumes. Wish I had photos of some of them.

Technically before college, but I dont have any full shots of my body so 17 going on 18 will have to do it. Probably 105 in this photo.

1997-2001 My 20s!

After school and a brief internship, I moved to Hoboken NJ to pursure my love of theatre, acting, singing , dancing etc.  I had a great apartment and the whole world at my feet. I was raring to go. Physically, I was in shape and kept in shape by walking everywhere and eventually joining the local NYSC.  Then, I met Duncan. We became friends first. Then fooled around (sorry Mama) and then engaged. I was madly in love, and definitely OFF the market. And we ate a lot of crap. And didnt cook. So I gained a bit of weight. Probably about 5 lbs a year of our lovely bliss. Until we were married.  So that puts me at about 120/125. Still in shape, a few more curves. No biggie.

Cute. Our 20s were fun.

A fuller face, but we were healthy and having fun!!!

I was 30 in 2004. And though happily married and having fun with my career, friends, and social life I was starting to pack on the pounds. We ate out almost every meal. Pasta, pizza. You name it.  At 130ish I joined Weight Watchers to take 10 pounds off. It worked. But from that point on, I yoyo'd. Up 10. Down 10. Up 15. Down 15. You get the picture. Until I hit rock bottom.  150.  I could not believe it . 150 and really really sad about it. I dont have many photos from that time period. Here is one, I think it may be from 2008. Or 2007. Definitely towards my heaviest. Which is yet to come ;(

Ready for it?? Next post...part 2. Coming tomorrow...:)

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