Saturday, February 1, 2014

A letter to my daughter on her three year old (and a half) half birthday. Jan 31

Dear Anastasia:

  You just turned 3 and a half and I do not even know where to start in telling you how proud you make me and Daddy.

  Let's start with : phew!  It has been so much fun being your mommy,but little girl you have a lot of energy. You are like the energizer bunny, and never stop (and I wish you took a nap  every once in a while, mommy could use it).

   Now that that is out of the way, let me tell you how much fun I have learning all about you and the amazing child you are becoming. Your lust for learning, your creative expression through art and music and dance thrill me. That you love to kick a soccer ball and wear a tutu, makes me happy. I want you to be well rounded and love a little of everything , like your mama.  Your eyes light up  and you are just so pretty, pretty, beautiful and pretty. But that is not really what I love the most . I love your laugh, your giggle, that you love to snuggle in mama's bed, and you are just so loving and kind. To animals. To your friends and family. You are sweet. So sweet and kind. You share your toys, and crafts and snacks. You light up the room when you walk into it. People are drawn to you. Your lust for life.  You are such a pleasure. You learn quickly and learn well. You are polite and sweet to your parents. Right now you love all things princess, love to sing Disney songs, and dress up like queens, and knights. You love your dress up closet, and high heeled plastic shoes. You color well, and draw exceptionally.  You eat mostly fruits and veggies, and give me a hard time about proteins (I dont blame you, I dont like many animal products either), but you are adventurous and will try most things I cook and bake for you.  You love edamame, grapes, and broccoli.  When Daddy textsfrom the grocery on what to pick up for you, you tell him "asparagus"(and you love my homemade kale chips).

You are so so independent.  You pick out your clothing, dress yourself from head to toe and will not even let me zipper up your coat. You like to choose your own shoes, and they have to match! You are concerned with colors, and fabrics and I think you may be a bit of a clotheshorse already  (sorry Daddy). You love sparkly jewelry and digging in my costume jewelry box for rhinestones and big bangles to parade around in. Cute!!

You love bath time, and sitting and eating meals with your family and you really really love to talk. Sing. Make noise. You are always making some sort of noise. Quiet is not a word to describe you, Ana.

Your faves right now:  Cinderella , the movie. You love Doc McStuffins, Bubble Guppies, Max and Ruby and Olivia.  Tiger Baby, your sleep companion. Your furry Uggs. Tutus and spinny dresses.  Your pink dollhouses. Chasing the dogs. Putting on Pandora and having a dance party to Katy Perry or the Frozen soundtrack. Reading. Unbelievable. Yesterday, you read me a whole book. Every word. You love letters and sounding out words. You are inquisitive, and want to know what they all say. You ask what letters start words and you read road signs.  You are so stink-in smart it scares me. I hope I can keep up and help you with your schoolwork when you are older!!!

You are eloquent and thoughtful and say a heck of a lot of really funny things. You are charming and are so going to be a handful in about 12 years when you rule the roost. But, who am I kidding? You already rule the roost. Your daddy and I love you oh so much. More than anything. So happy half birthday dear girl. And I hope the remaining 6 months of your third year bring you pleasure and fun (and better weather).

Love you,
  Your mama (and best friend)



Aww Love what you wrote and sooo from heart....Such a good mommy:)

Unknown said...

Daddy could not have said it better. Happy 3 1/2 birthday my little love!

Yazmin said...

Oh I know you had to be misty-eyed writing that. It was so sweet.

(I now I was just shy of bawling when I wrote my first one last month. I decided to start a letter a month project for this year. :) )