Sunday, January 26, 2014

Future of Nutrition Conference and PaleoCon both start tomorrow: 1/27 #paleo #healthy

Hello Dear Readers:

 Just dropping in to let you know about two very cool events that are starting tomorrow. They are both food related (super important to me right now) and are both FREE. That's right, there is no charge for the online conventions.  I would give you all the details, but since they are both pretty well outlined on the sites, I will just point you in the direction of the Future of Nutrition Conference and The Paleo Conference. Interested in cleaning up your intake? Looking to learn more about the Paleo way of eating. Click away. Register, check out the schedule and then have fun learning!!I am signed up for both and am most interested in :
 Daniel Vitalis :Re-Wilding Our Food, Body and Self: An Inspirational and Practical Approach  from the Future of Nutrition and : Ben Greenfield: Raising Primal Kids  from The PaleoCon.  Please let me know if you do register and find out anything interesting and new!!

I will post my thoughts tomorrow night and all week. :)  Stay healthy,Z

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