Monday, December 16, 2013

Guess who is NOT gaining weight this holiday season <----- this girl!!! #revoltnowfit #sugardetox

Hello Dear Readers:

   Call me crazy, call me silly, just don't call me gaining weight!! That is right!! Because, this girl is going to lose weight and tone up this holiday season.  I am so tired of gaining 5 lbs or even more over the Holidays (from Thanksgiving on down the slippery cookie slope). So, I am taking the reindeer by the horns and am working out regularly and maintaining my low glycemic, healthy ,clean eating regime.  What does this mean for the actual Christmas and New Year's celebrations I am attending??

  Well, I get to be choosy.  I can have a bite of something sweet. Or a slice of brie.  Because that will be my "cheat " meal.  But that does NOT mean that every meal will be a caloric bacchanal of sweets and carb-y goodness.  And sadly, no alcohol. Not that I really drink anyway.

And it starts now. With my detox week starting today, December 16th on a Monday. Seems like a good day to start a sugar detox right?

And, there are no cookies in this house. No homemade sweets. And there wont be. That helps.  Of course, I am sure people will make some and bring some...and they are going straight to Ana's classroom. Let the toddlers eat them.  Ha.

What else does it mean??

It means that my measurements are going to change. That the scale will be my friend and that my new bikinis (I bought three ) will look even better.

So let us call it ROUND 3 of Revolt.  Holiday Edition. And let us look back and where I started this journey months ago. And where I am now on maintenance. And where I want to get to.

The past:

May 2, 2013

I was 150 lbs  with a Bust of 38 dd , Waist of 33 and Hips of 40.  Ugh. But do not dismay.


December 16,2013  7 months later and in maintenance.

I am 133-136 depending on what time it is for the scale.  Bust of 35dd , Waist of 27.5, and Hips of 35.  And now I am measuring my booty (since I would like that to get smaller too).  Booty: 38"

Where do I want to go?


125-130   34dd, 27, 34    A nice curvy but strong hourglass , and a solid size 4.  

Right now I hover between a 4/6 depending on the item of clothing. And how it fits on the bust.

Sooooo I am putting it out there. For the universe to hear me.  I am strong, I work out. I eat healthy. And I WILL wear a bikini by my winter vacation to Florida. Dammit.

Happy Holidays. Check out my upcoming giveaway for a $50 Walmart card later this week and stay healthy.


Ana and I before our visit to the "The Nutcracker" at the Bardavon last week.

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