Friday, November 1, 2013

Beginning Ballet at Dutchess School of Performing Arts with Ms Denyse Looney

  Since Ana was very young, she showed an interest in dance and music. And really, how could she not. I played all types of music for her since she was in the womb: Nina Simone, Jazz, Blues,Rock and Pop,  Broadway etc.  One of the first songs she knew the words to was "Bushel and a Peck" from Guys and Dolls.   We would constantly  put on a cd soundtrack or Broadway Pandora channel and dance around the house, giggling.

   It was obvious that Ana had a natural rhythm and after several seasons of Music Together, knew how to drum out a beat in time. But, could she point her toes and move in time to slow classical music? I didn't know. All that I DID know is she really really wanted to take ballet. It was an important impetus for her to potty train (after all : Ballerinas do NOT wear diapers).  So when she turned 3, I started looking for a ballet school for her.

   I should have prefaced this blog entry with the information that I studied ballet for many, many years. And although I knew I would never be a ballerina, I loved how it taught me grace and the basic movements that I needed to be a Broadway style dancer. I did work on some music videos, touring musicals and cabaret style shows before I moved onto voice-over and film. And I do miss dance. And, I will take classes again. I know it.

 In the meantime, I knew that I wanted Ana to take a class that was fun, but really did teach her ballet and the basic steps to form a strong base for her dance career, be it short or long.  One of the schools that I called was the Dutchess School of Performing Arts in Poughkeepsie.  Right away, I knew it was a match for Ana and I.  I spoke with Ms Denyse Looney , the Head Ballerina and Creator of the School. She understood how important it was for me that Ana be trained in proper technique but with fun, as she is only 3.  I didn't want her to take a class that was silly, and just jumping around a lot, but one that really taught her the language and basics of ballet.

 So we went in and took a sample class to see if it was a fit. And I have to admit, I was more than impressed and she has been dancing there ever since.   Ana has really taken a liking to Ms Denyse and she is learning her positions as well as tendus, and other basic steps.  Denyse is patient, and makes learning ballet fun while combining the grace, structure and proper posture for Ana.  We love her. I can only hope that Ana loves to dance as much as I do, and that she will study dance for many years to come.  If she is serious, graceful,  and has the physique of a ballerina as she grows, I will full on support her in her dance career.

If you are looking for a school of dance that will really teach your child to dance in a nurturing way, please do check out the Dutchess School of Performing Arts.  I am hoping that one or two of Ana's friends will join us and see how amazing this class is.

The studio (gorgous and bright)

 The location is brand new, spacious and clean. It is a beautiful dance space , light and airy and ready for grace and beauty.  Check out all of the info and photos at their new website and make sure to follow on facebook for master classes and announcements!

Main Website: Dutchess School of Performing Arts
Facebook Page: Dutchess School of PA on Facebook

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Puzzle Place said...

Hi Zoe.

Ana is a doll! Found my way over to your blog from the Dutchess School of Performing Arts page. My 15 year old daughter Jillian, switched and is enjoying Ballet & Modern classes.
Denyse and the other teachers are awesome.

Hope your little ballerina continues to enjoy dance!