Thursday, October 10, 2013

Review: Sofia the First Princess Toddler Costume for Halloween!!

Dear Readers:

 I received a costume as part of this review, I have not been compensated for this post. All opinions within are my own.

   It has begun. That thing that happens to all little girls when they hit a certain age. The obsession with all things princess. Including the tv shows, movies, dolls and costumes. The clear slippers, the tiaras and tutus.

  And, Ana has hit that age.  She now owns most of the princess costumes, all of the dolls and quite a bit of the accessories. I admit it, she looks adorable and it makes me happy that she loves feeling glittery and feminine. So there were no surprises when she was debating what to be for Halloween and decided on one of Disney's newest Princesses: Sofia the First.      We were so fortunate to find exactly what Ana was looking for at Halloween Adventure

Halloween Adventure sells every costume that you could imagine and has wonderful sales and prices for your little princess. Check out the link and let me know which costume you would choose? She loves the multilayered costume.And I love the puffy sleeves and matching tiara. It does need a bit of ironing straight out of the bag, but I am sure that will be simple to do before Halloween! I like that everything was included for one low price and it resembles the cartoon costume so much (it is an official Disney costume).

 Ana loves to curtsey in her new Sofia the first costume (and I even found some little purple rhinestone slippers to match).  She looked so serious when she was modeling her costume,after all being a royal is serious business.

Ana cant wait to go out trick or treating and show off her new costume and tiara. She has been "practicing treak or treating " through out the house for the past week.

Not sure why. but this photo gives me shades of what Ana will be like as a tween!

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