Thursday, October 10, 2013

I cooked with Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, delicious and nutritious, plus: You could win $200!

Dear Readers:
  Thanks to the Smiley 360 Blogger Program I received a yummy bottle of Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil to use in my recipes.  I alternate between coconut oil and olive oil and Pompeian's Oil is delicious. I made several recipes with this new bottle including: Spicy 5 pepper fish.

Super easy. I took a 5 oz filet of flounder, rubbed it with the fiery 5 pepper rub and then sauteed it in the Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  I do not eat meat. and eat fish a couple of times a week and this olive oil was delicious and really brought out the flavor of the fish. It was super yummy! 

I also use Olive Oil for shrimp, chicken and other proteins in our house. Another great recipe that I made recently was an easy shrimp dish:

Choose a portion of fresh or frozen shrimp leaving the tales on, but deveining and pulling off the shells.In this case about 8-10 shrimp.  Then saute them lightly in the Olive Oil and add fresh or canned chopped garlic, and spicy sauce or tomato sauce depending on your palate. I like things spicy so I add red pepper and serve with a cold, crisp salad (dressing made with Olive Oil and spice pack).

The third recipe that I took photos of (and believe me I used this olive oil almost every day in one way or another) was this:
Turkey Sausage and Peppers/Onions 

Another spicy dish that is super easy to make when you run in and do not have a lot of dinner prep time. Just slice up some fresh turkey sausage,  a couple of onions and fresh peppers and saute in Olive Oil. Then serve on a long Italian roll (or skip the bread like me) and salad.

Sounds easy and delish right? There are hundreds of ways to use Olive Oil and hundreds on recipes. For more check out the Pompeian website (and coupon) below, or follow along on Facebook.  Also, if you take the survey at the link below , you have the chance to win $200. Woweeeee ;))


BethElderton said...

yum! I do a lot of cooking--and eating as a dressing--with olive oil.

nicolesender said...

Thanks for the great review! I'll have to try Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil!