Friday, September 27, 2013

Review: The Reservoir Emergency Water Storage System

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  I do not know where you live or what kind of natural disasters you face seasonally (earthquakes, flooding, storms, etc). Here on the East Coast we have had a couple doozy storms in recent years including Sandy, which left destruction and death in her path.

 When the wind starts to blow and the snow piles up , I get a little nervous living out here in the country. However, we are usually prepared for hunkering down and facing whatever storm lies ahead. This includes a working generator, lots of canned and boxed essential foods, candles, flashlights and now "The Reservoir" Emergency Water Storage System. Sometimes we fill pots with water and put them in the bathtub, but now we do not have to resort to that. With the Reservoir, we just plug the top of the bag to the faucet and fill.

Then , we have clean and safe drinking water to take us through the storm. Here are the specifics:

Never get stuck in a long line to buy bottled water again! Hurricanes or tropical storms may disrupt or 
contaminate your water service for days, but you can stay comfortably at home with an ample supply of fresh, clean, safe water, thanks to this plastic liner that turns your tub into a sanitary storage tank.

Holds Up to 100 Gallons

Emergency management authorities recommend having on hand at least 3 days' worth of drinking water, allowing at least 1 gallon per person/pet per day. The Reservoir gives you the capacity to meet these minimums, with plenty left over for cooking, washing and flushing.

Keeps Stored Water Clean and Safe

Authorities recommend filling your bathtub with tap water. But that's a problem because it leaves water exposed to any dirt and debris that might fall in, as well as soap residues on the tub itself. The Reservoir insulates water from those contaminants with heavy-duty, food-grade plastic that meets FDA safety standards.

Easy to Fill, Easy to Dispense

The Reservoir is filled simply by sliding the fill tube onto the tub faucet and turning on the water. To get water out of The Reservoir, a siphon pump is included. Give the bulb a few squeezes to get it started and the water will flow automatically until you open the vent cap. The siphon tube fits into any bottle, jug, teakettle or other container opening. Just fill and go!"

Super easy, and I will be keeping this in my water closet in the guest bathroom just in case we get hit hard this winter. 

To buy a Reservoir for yourself check out this link:  Reservoir at Amazon

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