Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Reflections on my 38th Year and heading into my 39th. After Photos from 12 Weeks/Before for the next 12 weeks.

Dear Readers:
   Well..hmph. That is kinda how I feel today. Old. Creaky and Grumpy. But at the same time, refreshed and renewed. Yes, it takes me longer to get out of bed in the morning (thanks Ana for the 6 am wake up call), and I probably need the coffee more than I did years ago. But, once I am up, I feel strong and more confident in my body, and health.  I have not had an allergy attack in many months. I can run faster and longer. I lift more weights and can do pushups. I feel healthy inside, and out. And I am looking forward to 40. No really I am. I welcome it with open arms.

  I think in the next year, I will get stronger. Build my abs back up, and get leaner. I intend to go back to work, and open my own voice studio and I have plans for when Ana is in school. I will start slowly, but I will be a working mama. And I feel blessed that I can be so, and do so.

  Anywho, I am not sure I ever did a reflection post on the past 12 weeks and working out and eating clean. I feel great in that respect, but there is a lot more work to do. My belly still looks doughy, and I need to tighten up my arms. But I do look leaner than when I started and just to remind you, I will be posting my before photos here (again).

 So without further ado, on the eve of my 39th birthday, I present to you 39 year old, un-photoshopped me in the flesh. My afters (from the first 12 weeks), my befores (for the next 12 weeks) and my white hot August challenge before photos (ugh, I look terrible in WHITE).  Please be kind, and remember I am on a journey to clean eating, muscle building and working out for the good of my child, my life and my longevity.

5-2-2013 before Revolt 1

My 39th bday photo!!

And now to begin again:

My new before photo wearing (gasp) white!!

I also took photos in a white outfit and a before abs photo, which I will share in 12 weeks when I can compare..yay. So here is to 3 more months of good clean eating and 365 days of heading towards the BIG 40!! 

XO and stay healthy,


Yazmin said...

Zoe you look fantastic. I wish I had your determination. I seem to be going the opposite way in my health and fitness goals and 40 has only brought me and additional knee and shoulder pain. lol

Unknown said...

Thanks Yazmin, you can do it! We got this! Just take little steps in eating healthier and start walking where you can. I hear you on the knees though, mine creak and crack every morning. Yikes! :) BEst...