Monday, August 12, 2013

Birthday Parties, Film Shoots and Busin-ess Oh MY!!!

Hello Dear Readers:

 I feel so neglectful, and apologize that I have been MIA both here on the blog and on my social networks,but we have been out living life. Going to lots of BBQs, family parties, birthday parties, playdates, swim dates , and for Mama: Back to work on the set.

 I have had less than no time for myself (I need a pedicure and my eyebrows done , badly! ) and any free time has been eaten up by QT time with Ana or keeping the household running. We are also getting ready for school and it is a bit hectic around here for Mama.  I have oodles of reviews coming, a couple of giveaways thrown in and a whole snoodle of photos. And, her birthday party post. I just uploaded the photos from my camera, and they look so cute. Everything came out great :)

In the meantime, we are heading out the door for library and a birthday party for my niece at my Mom's after I finish packing my suitcase for my first day of shooting on Tues.  It is going to be another busy week, and I hope I can handle it. I am one tired mama. And it is only Monday.  Anyhow, have a great week and see you soon!!  Enjoy the end of summer,

Zoe and Ana

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