Friday, August 30, 2013

Review: Dryer Balls from Woolzies

woolzies balls

  Dear Readers:
  Have you ever used dryer balls? Oh my goodness, I do love them. My older dryer balls were starting to unravel and fall apart after months and months of use when I found Woolzies.  Woolzies are made from 100% Pure New Zealand Wool and they are extra large and super fluffy.  And they work.

  How, you ask? Wool dryer balls cut down on the time it takes to dry a load of laundry by 25%.  They are natural fabric softeners without all of those yicky, yucky chemicals. And, Woolzies are guaranteed for 1,000 loads. I received my box of Woolzies, and took all 6 out to throw into the dryer with Ana's clothes. I do not trust any chemicals in the dryer with her cute little toddler clothes, so I use dryer balls instead of liquid or  dryer sheets.

I love knowing that I am saving time and money by using something handmade, and natural. And one more great thing about Woolzies ( that is of course personal to me, ) is that they are based in the beautiful Hudson Valley. My backyard and place of residence. So in actuality, I am supporting a local company as well. It is a win-win.

Looking to buy Woolzies?  It is easy on their site:

Want to see more? Check out this great video:

I received this box of woolzies via  The opinions within are my own.

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