Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ana 365 Day 5 8/30

Hello Dear Readers:

 It is Saturday and we have a  fun weekend planned. It is one of our last for the summer, and I am hoping the weather holds out. We have had pretty crappy swimming weather and have decided not to open our pool up next summer. Instead, we will save the money from the opening and maintenance and are switching over to a salt water pool system. YAY.

Yesterday Duncan picked Ana up from school, as I headed to the mall for a spa pedicure after Stroller Strides. It as lovely. After lunch, we did a bit of shopping and I found some great pieces for next summer including a cute bikini! Double YAY!

I am finally going to have some time to go through the over 100 photos from Ana's birthday, edit them and load them up here. Also, I have some cute reviews to add.   I am planning in my head to do some Halloween, Pumpkin picking and apple related recipes and fall fun soon too! I cannot wait. I love Autumn.  Happy Long Weekend , and stay well!!


8/30 playing/school/shopping and fun in a cute Heartworks dress.

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