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Sponsored- Brancott Estate Wine Tasting with The Bachelorette #chillhour

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Brancott Estate Wines. I received a gift card to purchase party supplies to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.”

 Hello Dear Readers:

  It is time for the ladies to come over and watch the Bachelorette on tv and chill out with some yummy appetizers and delicious Brancott Estate Wine. I picked up a few bottles of the Sauvignon Blanc, recorded the latest episode on the dvr, the kids have had a lovely swim play-date and now it is our turn to have fun.   

 First, I got the spread ready:

The wine is ready for the ladies


2 kinds of pita chips, goat cheese, hummus, grapes, olives, havarti with dill and crackers. We are just getting started

 Are you familiar with Brancott Estate Wines? No. Well, I wasnt before I tasted it, and let me tell you: After you try it you will fall in love. First, I was told the SB would pair nicely with  grilled oysters, barbequed prawns or salmon, poached whitefish with fresh green salad. Also, hummus, olives and feta match as well as avocados , yum! I made a Mediterranean spread to match the notes and yum, it went so well we ate it right up. 

A little history about Brancott Estate Wines: They are from the Marlborough region of New Zealand. They have been producing their Sauvignon Blanc for more than 30 years, and the release of the first Marlborough SB vintage in 1979 was the beginning of a phenomenon that placed New Zealand on the international wine map. This particular wine has notes of rock melon,lemongrass and ripe gooseberry. It is light and sweet and I really enjoyed it. I like light wine, especially in the summer and this was light and tasty. Not too heavy, and definitely paired well with the olives and goat cheese.

Why pair Brancott Estates with the Bachelorette for a Ladies Night In? Well it just so happens that JB and Ashley have enjoyed the very same wine for themselves. It was important to get the ladies together without the kids (for once) and have some adult conversation and fun. We shared laughs, some great nibbles and a had a wonderful night. Here are a couple of shots before and during the party (and hubby even snuck in and had a glass):

The ladies from Stroller Strides are ready!The baby was not there when the drinking took place! 
 After the swim, before the kids went home and the ladies night begun. We have our wine and we are ready to drink it!!

H and W have some to share too! 

 The party got started and it was a small group combined of close friends and the ladies I work out with (I consider them friends too of course, but that is how I met them). We had fun drinking, joking, eating and watching the show! I Dvr'ed it because Monday night didnt really work for the working set, and it just worked out better to host on the weekend with a play date pool party during the day and the wine tasting in the evening.

D snuck in to try a taste before we ate! 
Not all of my friends are watchers, but it was fun to chat along with the show and drink to the guys and the home dates. I am not sure I converted anyone into being new watchers, but the non watchers had fun anyway! 

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 Brancott Estate Facebook Contest where one lucky winner will win a trip to New Zealand!

Make sure you try Brancott Estates this summer, it is perfect for a pool party, picnic, or backyard bbq. Let me know what you think!!!

**All adults featured in the photos are over 21 , I support responsible drinking.  Drinking and driving is dangerous, noone featured in these photos was irresponsible.

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