Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hitting a Plateau?? What do I do MORE #revoltnowfit

Dear Readers-

The dreaded thing has happened. I knew it would eventually, just not this quickly. Yup, you guessed it. I hit a plateau. I have not seen much progress at all in my body this week and it just stinks.  So I am extending Detox indefinitely. I found out from Nichole that it is ok. So I am going to be eating a lot of hardboiled eggs and chicken until August :) .

 I just need to get this loss going again.  I made D take the scale out of hiding and put it back into my bathroom so I have something to answer to.  I weighed myself very carefully and cautiously Saturday morning, and though I am down (a teeny bit) and in the 130s (yay, goodbye 140s) is not what I expected after doing detox for a week. So something has to change.  I will have to workout harder, maybe 2x a day and stick to the detox  Ok... I was looking forward to the yogurt parfaits but hard boiled eggs it is. I am ok with that.

Here is where I stand with everything (except the scale):

 I have lost some more in my bust, yay! I would like to lose another inch and stop right there. 34 D sounds so perfect to me!! Then, Down a bit in my waist..but not quite to the 28 of my goal. Most of my jeans are 28s, so they are patiently waiting for me. My hips I am less concerned with..they are slowly getting smaller, though it doesnt seem like it. And my arms are definitely getting stronger, yay! Not too too bad, just dismayed on the weight loss.  I think sticking to the exercises, and adding some extra these coming weeks will get that metabolism going again for sure. So I went grocery shopping and am ready! Let's bring it. Let's have a great week and see more loss!

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