Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ana's Latest Photo shoot, Almost 3 Years Old!!

Dear Readers:

  As I sit here finishing up "the list" for stuff for Ana's birthday party, I realize I have not written a letter to her in a while, so that will be coming soon. There is so much about her that I want to remember and show her when she is older, she is really such a character.  For now I hope these photos we just took at JC Penney Photo Studio suffice to say what a sweet girl she is, and show her beautiful personality inside and out. She was such a delight during this shoot, smiling and laughing and having fun. She listened to the photographer, and really I should take her to model, but I want her to be a kid. And just  enjoy her childhood ,carefree.

What do you think? Do I take her to a great modeling agency/talent agency in NY? Or do I let her just be a kid? Do I wait for her to ask me to start auditioning or do I suggest it and see what happens? I am on the fence about this.

 I mean this kid dances and sings around the house all day long. She makes up songs, she sings songs from music class and tv shows and she practices "ballet" on her own to classical music.  I know she loves it and she is a complete ham. She says,"Watch this mom"and twirls and twists with such sweetness and happiness , it is truly fun to watch her.

My sweet sweetie. I love her so. I cannot wait to celebrate her birthday next week and have fun! Crafts we are making coming soon..they are so cute :))  Stay well and happy summer.


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gracepap said...

Such a cutie! My 2 cents? I thought the same thoughts with my girls but ultimately decided to just let them have a "normal" kid's life. But, I brought them to lots of theatre, concerts, museums, etc. to tap into their creative sides. In elementary school and beyond, they acted and sang and did dance lessons and had dance recitals and then in high school they both decided they didn't want to BE on stage but behind stage. Both were stage managers! So, I encouraged creativity and love of the performing arts but never pushed them into it. See what she loves to do, encourage it, take her on some of your shoots, and play it by ear. Forget the talent agencies!