Sunday, June 9, 2013

May 31-June 7th, Revolt-ing Away, feeling stronger and getting in shape! And crazy obstacle races. #revoltnowfit

Dear Readers:

  It is time to check in after another Detox week, this time without a scale. OOOh scary.  Not really, as my inches continue to drop and even out. My bust and hips are now more even which is lovely.  On Friday we did measurements before cheat day Saturday. And I was pleasantly surprised.  This would should be even more fruitful as I start to train for two of those crazy obstacle races as well. I will be stroller striding Mon, Wed and Friday and starting the 5k training on Tues and Thurs.  Sunday is my rest day.  So without further ado here are the currents as of Friday:

Not too shabby. I am pretty happy. I think I will be ready to swim in public soon, lol. And I would love to get some new exercise clothes for the races. OOh, want to see what they are? Ok, first one is the Rebel Race in New Windsor, NY  and the second is  Warrior Dash in Ct.

Rebel Race:

Sounds fun right?? I think so, and cannot wait. Although I hope my upper body strength is strong enough for the great wall and ropes! I hope so...

and then in September (I will def be ready by then) The Warrior Dash

  I will be a warrior by then. I am so super excited , I cannot contain my self.  As for Revolt right now, a friend joined me on this crazy journey and I am so glad. It will be so much fun to workout together, train together and make the same foods (after this week).

So my Revolt continues...and I will be updating you more and more as I get closer to the races on this journey. Please follow me and let me know what fun events you are doing or attending this summer.

Stay Healthy,

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