Friday, June 7, 2013

Daddy Scrubs Daddy Tie! Great gift for a new Daddy!

Dear Readers:

  I received a cute Daddy Tie from Daddy Scrubs to facilitate this review, but the opinions within are my own.  It was hard to pin down a time to take photos of the tie on D, since he doesn't wear ties to work and our date nights are few and far between. But, this week I got him in a couple of photos of the tie, just in time for Father's Day, and celebrating Daddy's everywhere.

I love the tie, and how cute it is. And, I will be gifting this tie to one of D's brothers for the birth of his first child this coming fall. He became a Daddy to two wonderful children upon the marriage to my sister in law, but this will be his first birth of his own!

This elegant Daddy Tie retails for $29.95 at Daddy Scrubs website, and it is made of 100% printed silk. I realy like how it contrasts so nicely with this cornflower blue shirt. Because it is neutral, it would pretty much go with anything. Also, the quality and stitching seem to be very high, and of utmost care. We love the tie and hope our special Daddy to be will love it too.

These are the three Daddy ties available through Daddy Scrubs, and I really love the red one too, check it out on their model:

Very striking. Dontcha think? And  mean the tie, heehee.  Want to find out more info about these great ties? Check out the important links below and if you want to try and win one, check out my Spring Fling rafflecopter giveaway!

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Unknown said...

These are so cute! Definitely breaking the mold of the average Father's Day tie!!