Saturday, May 18, 2013

Super Ana saves the Day with Everfan Capes!!

Check out this cute superheroine story we shot with Ana the other day. She loves her Everfan cape so much, we could not resist. Then, more info about this great company and a sponsor of the Spring Fling Giveaway starting on Monday! I was sent a cape to facilitate this review, I was not compensated for this post.

Poor little Ariel was kidnapped , tied to the tracks and unsuspecting Thomas was on track for a collision. Just then:

Super Ana arrived to save the day. With her purple super cape from Everfan, and matching wristlets and face mask, Ana was prepared to rush in and save Ariel from her fate.

Faster than the "Wheels on the Bus",Super Ana swept in wearing her royal purple cape like a queen.

    "Don't worry Ariel, Super Ana is here to save the day , and look fabulous while doing so"

                                                                 "I'll Save you"

And so she did, and Ariel was saved by Super Ana.

Phew, that was a close one. You are safe with me, Miss Ariel.

Cute, huh? So want all the deets on the fab cape outfit?? Ok read more below:

Do you have a sweet child who loves dress up, plays superheroes or just has a beautiful, active imagination?? Well, I have the perfect company to support that imagination with well made, beautifully detailed kids superhero capes  for your boy or girl.  And, Everfan even makes personalized superhero capes!! I love both the fairy and the owl cape, but the owl was so perfect for our playroom theme , which guessed it: OWLS!!  I love them, and now Ana does too.  And her beautiful purple is super soft, silky and so fun to wave behind her back as she runs from room to room

A little info about Everfan:  
  Besides personalizing the capes and being available in large orders, there are capes with many school logos as well as initials you can order. I love to personalize many things for Ana, and think this is such a great quality to the cape. It makes it stand out!  The company was created in 2010 to inspire playtime and I have to say one of the reasons I was really drawn to supporting Everfan is that they have donated capes to hospitals. Their Mission statement is amazing, and thoughtful and I really try to get behind companies that go further than they have to, treat children special and use great quality ingredients in their products, whether fabric, food or fun.  AND:  Everfan is a member of the Fair Labor Association. See, I TOLD you they are a great company! 

And all of the important links that you need to know:

And want to hear something even more amazing. Stay tuned to my posts for on Monday, I will be posting My Spring Fling Giveaway, which will continue for a few weeks. And I will be featuring each great sponsor in a post just like this one with photos and links so you can buy, share , tweet, etc.

Have a great weekend!! And stay super!!  XO


Unknown said...

Super Ana saves the day!

Unknown said...

Super Ana saves the day!