Thursday, May 2, 2013

Review: Children’s Mucinex Multi-Symptom Cold with the Smiley Blogger Circle #ChildrensMucinex

Mucinex will help you feel better sweetie! 
Hello Dear Readers:

  This post is sponsored by Children's Mucinex and the Smiley Blogger Circle. I was not compensated for this post.

   Ana and I received a really fun Mucinex pack chock full of things to do when/if she got sick this winter. And luckily, Ana did not get anything other than a simple cold early on in the winter  for a couple of days. The pack included a cute comfy blanket,  travel cup for liquids, coloring sheets and crayons, a copy of Toy Story 3 on DVD, and of course a bottle of Children's Mucinex.  Ana was so excited to see Toy Story and use the crayons, I was excited to have a reliable, safe medicine available in case she got really sick.

Drawing up a storm while sipping on milk

 Have you ever used Children's Mucinex? Do you have questions about safety and usage? Here is all of  the information including: 

  Although we have not had a chance to use the Children's Mucinex yet, we did prepare for sick days with chicken soup, herbal teas, fun activities including crafts and dvds, and of course something special to make Ana feel better such as jello, pudding or cookie cutters to make cookies.  We were prepared, and are still prepared for when such a sick day will arrive. Better safe , than sorry. I like feeling safe, it is important as a mom that Ana always be as healthy as she can be. And with Children's Mucinex, I feel like she can.

What can you do to avoid getting sick next winter??

Wash hands, often
Drink lots of liquids, it flushes out the toxins
Eat healthy fruits and veggies chock full of vitamins
Get lots of sleep and rest.
Work out and get fresh air while walking, hiking, jogging, or pushing a stroller around (like me)
Avoid putting your hands near your mouth. Yuck. I bring wipes with me everywhere and wash Ana's hands after she plays in public places.

And be prepared. Stock up on soup stock, or cans of yummy soups, juice, tea, and other fun beverages. Have your meds ready, just in case. And a warm blanket, a couple of great fave movies or books, games and crafts. You will be fine.

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