Sunday, May 5, 2013

Post-Detox Results with #RevoltNowFit. Or how I survived a heck of a lot of egg whites...

Dear Readers:
  For those following the progress I am having with the Revolt Now Fitness Program with Nichole Huntsman...things are going swimmingly.  I survived the first week (tomorrow starts Week 2 for me and I am skipping the week 1 food and going right into week 2) which consisted of a lot of egg whites, spinach and other fun veggies. It really was not too bad, and I definitely did not starve. In fact, a couple of days I had problems finishing all of the food and had to force down the 5th meal, or skip it entirely.  But, I made it. I followed the exercise videos, asked the questions (on the private bloggers group on facebook) and tried to eat the food exactly as written or as close to as possible.  When I am following a plan, I do not cheat. I really dont. I try and follow as close as possible to get the best result. And, what great results I got!! Want to know? Do ya? Do ya? Ok..I will share:

I lost 4.4 LBS!!!  I weighed in at 150 lbs on Monday morning and on Friday Night I was 145.6 lbs. On the brand new scale.  The one that works. I weighed Ana on it 3 times, she weighed in at 25 lbs at the doctors office this past week. And she still weighed 25 lbs, so I know it is right. Also, I got off and on 5 times since I could not believe it. And the scale was the same every time.  That is amazing to me.  I have never, ever ,lost that much in the first week of any plan. So, you know this is working.

  Keep in mind, I am doing some double workouts which include running. So to kick it up a bit, I did push myself beyond the regular Revolt Now plan,  but I know that Revolt is why my results are so amazing. I will do measurements tonight or Monday and post them to compare to next Sunday!  I will be doing measurements on Sundays and weight on Fridays since Saturday is our cheat day. It is never wise to weigh myself after a cheat day. Ugh.
A typical meal during detox. I love broccoli and sweet potatoes, yum! 

Feeling strong and great and preparing and making my food for this next week. Check out some of the ingredients:

A selection of Food ingredients for week 2 , including almonds!! Woohoo

I will be cooking up a storm tonight. I cannot wait.  Stay strong and stay healthy!!!  XOXO


Mary Ann said...

Great idea on weighing on Friday! I ate a giant burrito on Saturday night then weighed myself Sunday morning - huge fail! ;-)

Unknown said...

Thanks Mary Ann!!

Aerlinniel said...

You look amazing and such an inspiration! I am definately going to look into this program, thanks for posting this!