Monday, May 27, 2013

Nursery School, Potty Training and tales from an almost three year old cutie...

Hello Dear Readers:

Phew, it has been another long week. But, I made it through hormones and all, and I live to tell. The skinny is this: my dear sweet two year old is almost three. And is completely potty trained. And is headed off to Nursery School in September. And Mama here? She is a mess. A big emotional, tissue using, hair curling, mess. We visited her Nursery School this week and met Ana's teachers and they are lovely and seem to be entertained by her already. They have no idea how funny and smart she is. I cannot wait.

  Since Ana was born in July of 2010 I have spent every second of my life that I possibly could with her. And though I am happy she is growing up and moving on, I am a bit sad that she won't need her mama for "craft time", "snack time" or even "playground time". I know she will grow and thrive at Nursery School, and already she talks about it nonstop. So I know I have to let go. And I will get those precious few hours a week to do things for myself. Like, workout. Or have lunch with a girlfriend. Or shop. Or clean (who am I kidding).

 Still it is so hard to see her grow up so quickly. She is so mature already , doing everything for herself and I really need to start recording the funny conversations we have.  In the meantime, I will be starting weekly retrospectives up to her third birthday at the end of July. I have so many old videos and photos that have never been posted, I think it is time to go through them and archive.

So prepare for the cuteness and for a big, ole proud mushy mama. Because that is what I am.  Ana brings such joy to my heart and fills me with love. She has saved me from such a bad week. But I am hoping this week is much better.  I am feeling strong and loved.


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