Thursday, May 2, 2013

Getting Started with Revolt Now Fitness, My Before Stats and Photos.#revoltnowfit

Dear Readers:

 *** Warning*** If you have a sensitive stomach, or cannot stand looking at women who are out of shape. PLEASE turn back now. You have been warned. The photos included in the following blog entry are not for everyone, and should come with a warning. Ok, phew. Now that I got that out. I am totally disgusted. I worked so hard to get in shape this past summer and over the fall /winter I gained a whole heck of a lot of it back. And I will NOT let that happen again.

  I am so excited to join a wonderful , supportive group of bloggers in following this journey of Revolt Now Fitness with Nichole Huntsman.  Check out my previous link for a short video with her message.

 Well, we have begun. And we started with a Sugar Detox week. I am not going to lie. It is tough, and I have toughed it out, and now I feel great. I nursed aches and pains and headaches, but I feel wonderful and strong and I know I can do this. My ultimate goal is 20 lbs. But in the meantime I would like to lose 3 lbs this first week and then .5-1 lb for the remaining 5 weeks. Then, I will treat myself to a cute bathing suit and swim/run the rest off . I got this.

 After this plan ends, I plan on trying Paleo living. And, more on that later. Let's concentrate on Revolt! There are lots of great foods involved, and it is very fair, and after the Detox seems like something I can handle.  Great Salads, yummy sugar free desserts, and entrees that I already eat (shhh Salmon!!!).

 I cannot wait to see the results, but before I get there I have to share my Befores. Then, I have something to compare, and it will hold me accountable. Even if it isn't pretty.Ugh.


Blech.. See what I mean. That mama pucker tummy thing, I just cant stand it. I want it gone!! Now!! And it will be once and for all. With hard work, lots of clean eating and the help of Nichole, who is so sweet, down to earth and helpful.  We have a private facebook group where we can ask questions, share recipes, share workouts and Nichole is active and wonderful there. I cannot wait until the site is up and I can share her wisdom and success with you. Join me, get strong and REVOLT. Join the uprising.


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