Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cheers to the end of Week 2 ! #revoltnowfit

I am 142 in this photo..very close to what I weigh now! Hot diggity!!
Hello Dear Readers:
  I am coming to you live on Mother's Day (really not that different than any other day in my book). I woke up, made my egg whites, worked out and found some beautiful bushes on the porch from Ana and Daddy! They did a great job, that is just what I wanted for the front yard! (Photos coming soon).

 So, as you know I have been following the Revolt exercise and meal plan, and I feel great. The website is back up, after some technical difficulties and I will soon have my referral id, for anyone who wants to join up! (You will when you start seeing the results the Revolt bloggers are having).  After 2 weeks of following the exercise videos and trying to stay off the scale, I found myself so pleased with the scale. And, I MUST get some fat calipers this week,so I can figure out how much muscle I am building and how my body is changing. So ready for the numbers?? Check it out in this handy dandy pretty soothing blue photo:

  Great for 2 weeks of working out and eating healthy! Remember I started at 150 lbs (and lots of fat) So, in the first 2 weeks I have lost 5.2 lbs! Wowee that is fantastic. And I do not know yet how much fat has been converted into muscle, so it really could be more in the long run.  This week, week 2 of the plan we added back in carbs and even had dessert every night. And finally after making it 5 nights, I got it perfect:

 It is delish and feels like a real treat after chicken, veggies and lots of salad. And is super easy to make. Nichole shares her recipes on the site : Revolt Now Fitness once you sign up.  YUM.  Want more of my fabulous food porn? Ok...pull my leg. I looove sharing photos of food and try to take a lot.

My yummy snack, veggies and homemade yogurt dip

Chicken fajita, Revolt Now style!

Also this week, I too my cheat day early. Which kind of mixed things up. I had a 6 month in the waiting date night with D, and we went out to a wonderful Old school Italian restaurant. After much hemming and hawing, I asked the waitress if I could double the mussel appetizer, and sub veggies for the side of pasta. DONE! My real cheat that day was the scoop of vanilla gelato in my decaf espresso. And really that was it. I had egg whites and veggies for the rest of the day! 

My mussel dinner.

As I contemplate starting Week 3 this Monday, my wish is to get stronger, do better pushups and lose between 1-2 lbs. If the scale doesnt budge, that is ok too, as long as my inches start dropping as well. Next week I will have the fat calipers and that will help me to figure out percentage of body fat too.   I am looking forward to new food (including the mango smoothies) new exercises and having fun along the way!! Stay healthy and follow my journey, for there is more to come on this 12 week odyssey!



Lucrecer said...

I am right there with you on not cheating much on my cheat days. I am enjoying not being hungry. My goal for week 3 is to definitely get stronger.

Unknown said...

you are doing awesome! keep it up girl

Mostly Food and Crafts said...

I want to do pushups too - I am determined.