Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Working out and Eating Healthy with Stroller Strides and Yummy Food #mamaworksitout

Hello Dear Readers:
 You may have seen my recent posting for the : Mama Works it Out Contest that I am hosting, and sadly I could only get 2 people to sign up. Still, It is on!! I will be posting daily eats, weekly recipes, and workout ideas (and hopefully throw in a giveaway and review from time to time) during the next three months. Also, though I had planned to start on Monday, I will be restarting Stroller Strides on Wed. I loved the outside exercise, Ana loved the social play and both of us had fun!! I did however start the healthy eating on Monday, even though I was under the weather all day Sunday and barely ate. I never did get that "last dinner" but that is ok. I will have a cheat day once I really get started on the workouts.

 Tomorrow I will weigh in with the ladies, and take note of my measurements too. Since I may not lose as much weight but may lose it in inches, that is important to me.

Feel like following along?? Here is my first two days and I will be posting recipes soon too:

Monday :

Breakfast:  Kashi and almond milk (I no longer use cow's milk, instead using lowfat almond milk)
Coffee and Fat Free Creamer

Lunch: Salad with lots of veggies, a little homemade Italian dressing and a hardboiled egg (thanks Easter Bunny)

Dinner (out for Mama's Bday): Seafood Fr Diavlo, with a big salad (ceaser on the side, I dipped) a bite of popover (not really my thing)  NO dessert, woohooo

No nighttime snack. This is the hardest time for me as I usually park myself in front of the laptop to blog/sweep and catchup with tv shows.

 Kashi/Almond Milk  (early morning train)
Coffee/Fat Free Creamer

 Duncan's Homemade Thai Chicken (recipe coming soon)

 Egg white omelet with broccoli and WW cheese
2 small veggie sausages

Late night snack?? Hmmm maybe a 100 calorie biscotti or a 100 calorie popcorn pack. Or nothing, if I go to bed early.  D is not feeling well, so it is just Ana and Me getting ready tonight.

Tomorrow, I start Stroller Strides, will have my first weigh in and when D gets home will do the measurements, oy yoy!   Feel great and eat well...


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