Friday, April 12, 2013

Weekly Update: Strollers Strides, Eating Healthy and Shopping, Oh MY!

Phew, dear Readers.

We got a lot done this week.  As you know, I restarted Stroller Strides to help me lose the stubborn 10-15 lbs of baby weight that I want gone forever. I am also eating healthy and will be adding the recipes and foods I am eating soon (I promise). In the meantime, we got a lot done at home including setting up some of the furniture that is going into the craft room. I cannot wait, it is going to look so cute.  Also, Ana and I got a bit of shopping done , and  now I have 25 new tank tops to layer for spring, lol. Ana got a few new goodies too. Photos to follow.  Heading out adventure hunting with G'ma tomorrow , so hopefully we will find some crafting goodies, maybe an outfit or two and some surprises. Heading out super early, so will catch up with you soon. This week starts my scheduled posts and I signed up for some great group giveaways too!

Oh, and have you seen my new (old) hair? I was inspired to return to the bright red by the return of Mad Men!  Here are a couple of photos hubby took:

and one of Ana , while shopping today. She loves to pretend she is a mannequin, gets on the stands with them and demands I take a photo while she poses (so cute):

More photos coming. As Ana approaches 3, I will be doing a lot of retrospectives of her first 3 years of life :)

Happy Weekend,


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