Monday, April 29, 2013

Starting MY Revolt....Detox Week. #revoltnowfit

Dear Readers-

  I am so excited to start the Revolt program with Nichole Huntsman, I am ready for the Revolt. First we are starting with a sugar detox and it is harder than you would think. Here I am 9 pm on Day 1, with a slight headache, a serious need for something salty and crispy and a fridge full of hard boiled egg whites and spinach. But I am not complaining, I am excited. Excited to get rid of these stubborn post-Ana lbs that just wont go away and the flab around the middle that took over post-pregnancy. I want my abs back. Or some semblance of abs. Something that I can be proud of.

Want to know more about Revolt? Here is Nichole's Youtube video on her story,  more will be coming..more info, more photos. More everything

 Where is my video? I will make one soon. And photos?  I took some before photos tonight and I look awful. It is a combination of the lighting, and my paleness, and a sports bra and they are just awful. So I will not post them. But I will post my measurements and will post some current photos clothed.  Tomorrow, when I can sit up straight without the beating head and tummy. Ugh. I took some detox pills too, so I can stay regular and not have bad stomach pains along with the headache.   Better tomorrow,


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