Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring Fling, but is it really Spring???

Hello Dear Readers:

  If you have been following the facebook page: Everything for Ana on FB, then you know that I am planning a big Spring Fling to celebrate past sponsors as well as new ones, and review some amazing companies and give away some beautiful things along the way. Right now I am planning on starting it May 15th and running for two weeks. (Sounds fabu, non? )

As for spring, well where the H is it? We got a few sunny mild days this past week and then BAM. back to cold, gray drabby day. I feel badly mostly for Ana because she loves playing outside for hours whether at the park, playground or in the backyard, or all of the above. Plus, I am back to taking an outside Stroller Strides class and would really like to start hiking, biking and doing more outside activities on the weekends too.

I really hope that the sun fights through and spring is here to stay,.....soon.  Ana and Mama want to come out and play. And wear sundresses. And sandals. And kick balls. Ride bikes. Eat ice cream cones. Climb and then roll down hills.  You know all the Sound of Music stuff.   In the meantime enter some of the great giveaways up now.  Read some of the cute reviews and stick around as Ana heads towards 3 and I plan an adorable crafty mermaid party.

Happy Week!   XO

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