Sunday, April 28, 2013

My sweet little potty training toddler...

Hello Dear Readers:

 I am warning you now, this post is full of potty talk, potty training talk and a very satisfied, proud mama's words.  I was warned that one day I might be obsessed with all things potty, but I never knew how satisfying it would be to watch my little girl be successful.  I never rushed her, didn't push her, wanted her to train herself on her own time. My only time limit was that I wanted Ana to be trained by the beginning of Nursery School this coming September, after she turned 3. Well, it looks like we are right on track. Last week we started training by having her walk around the house either in a pull-up, underwear or nude, depending on what she wanted and it seemed to work.  She finally felt what it felt like to have to go and didn't want to make any accidents. So, even though for a few days, we spent half of the day in and out of the potty, it was well worth it. Yesterday and Today, I put a pullup on in the morning, no accidents or wetness all day, late last night Ana woke up and went, then got back in bed, and told me she had to go as soon as she woke up. No wetness over night!! Then this morning, put on a pull up and nothing all day. She is using regular potty's in public, and just in case, I put her little cute Sesame St potty in the trunk. We spent the better part of today out and about shopping and she didnt have one accident. I am so proud, can you tell I am beaming.  Tomorrow is another day and we will start the day early at the park for Mama's exercise,(I will bring the potty with us , because there are only port o potties (yick) and then run errands, so it will be another challenging day. But I think she is up for the challenge.  I hate to say that this is much easier than I thought it would be. But it is. Phew.

I will check in at the end of this week. But I predict we have bought our last big box of diapers. From here on out it will be one for overnight, and pullups for during the day. I also have underwear and will switch to that in a week or so of full training. :)

Dear Ana-
  I am so proud of you my sweet toddler. You always exceed my expectations and fill me with such love. My little baby is growing up. And what a sweet girl you have become.   I love you dear Anastasia.

XO Your Mama.

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My perfect mother's day would be a day at that beach where a cabana boy would bring me banana colada's all day long.