Saturday, April 20, 2013

A quick weekend catch up....

It is Saturday night and I am already pooped. It has been a spectacular week of birthday celebrations , family visits and fun. We had a great music class, some fun playdates, and hard workouts at Stroller Strides. This week I start a new workout regime that I am so excited to tell you all about and I continue to eat healthy, managing to avoid cupcakes, pizza and fattening foods. I really do not have a number goal this time around, it is more that I want to fit into some clothes that I bought before I was pregnant with Ana including the cutest black and white DVF dress. Which is a tiny size 4. Not a generous 4 , a tiny 4. But, I think with hard work, determination, running and eating healthy all summer I will get there. Can I maintain a 4? I am not sure, but I sure as heck will try.

In the meantime, I will eat lots of salads, fish and fresh fruits and veggies. And this summer we have our CSA..woohooo!!

Photos coming soon and some great reviews including the most adorable Eshakti dress that I measured for and it fits like a glove!!!

Happy Weekend.


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