Saturday, March 16, 2013

Welcome to the First Annual Mama Works it Out! Contest.

Hello Friends and Family-

  Welcome to the First annual  "Mama Works It Out" Contest.

 Here is all of the info:
  • Sign ups will close Sat March 30, 2013 at 8 pm

  • First Weigh In will take place Monday April 1 location to be determined. Most likely, it will be in conjunction with a walk/jog if weather is amenable.
  • Second Weigh In and Final Weigh In will be determined after sign ups close.

  • Contest is free, and open to the public. Anyone who can make the three weigh ins will be included.  Must be over 18, sign a waiver for responsibility of good health.  Participant must disclose any physical limitations, such as asthma, bad knees etc.  Everything for Ana is not responsible for illness or injury caused by workouts, or diet change due to contest.
  • There is no charge, and prizes will be offered to the Grand Prize winner as well as first runner up. Other prizes to be determined based on participation and sponsors wishes. Winners will be determined based on percentage of weight lost, since participants will have different levels of fitness and weight pre-contest.

Weight loss and diet will be at the determination of the participant, recipes and support will be offered as well as organized walks, runs and hikes over the 3 month period.  To sign up post below in the comments:

Why do you want to participate?
Goal of contest: lose weight, get healthier, get fresh air, social workouts

Also, please email :

Name, Address, Phone Number you can be reached and best time to call to confirm a day or two before the sign up. Send email to:

Everything For Ana: Zoe Lee

Even though I cannot win, I am so super excited to participate! I have so many healthy recipes to share and great workouts to try!!  Who is going to be the first to sign up? Any questions? As questions arise I will answer them below:



Unknown said...

I'm not sure if I will be able to participate or not. I live in the northeast corner of Dutchess county, so I'm probably pretty far from your intended location. Also, I'm kinda at the tail end of my weight-loss. I've just lost 45 pounds, and now I'm working on toning up, so I won't likely lose more than 5 more pounds.

Unknown said...

I would love for you to join us just for motivation alone. Losing 45 lbs is amazing. And would motivate me and the other ladies as well. I am in Pleasant Valley, and work out in Wappingers Falls, so we will be all over. I can try to have walks/runs in different places to accomodate everyone. I would also love to have different workouts like a Boot Camp Instructor come and work us out once in a while. :)