Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring fever, cabin fever what the heck!

Dear Readers-
 I am having one of those days. Actually it has been three days since I really started feeling this way. Down. Sad. Bored. Restless. Definitely a bit of spring fever. I miss working out. Getting my body going. And, I have been eating nothing but junk and I cannot seem to stop. I have given myself until April 1 and then I am putting a kibosh on the snacking, the crap.  I need to run every day or every other day. I need to work out in some way every day. I am sooo restless. I am signing up for a virutal marathon, and might even sign up for my first 5k in May. I am done with being restless and done with sitting around on my butt. Ok, so we got a lot of crafting done, and I read a few books and caught up with some good tv , but I long for the park, and walking by the river. I need to do something fun and active like a hike up a mountain. Or a run by a stream.  Ugh.  It is just one of those down in the dump days. Woe is me kind of days. I know things will change soon but in the meantime I will wallow in my snow filled vision and dream of sand filled afternoons. So  I can complain about being sweaty and hot by the pool or lake.


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